2Wire, Inc. reserves the right to make any modification to this manual or the information contained herein Install the 2Wire Gateway USB Driver – Macintosh 8. View and Download 2Wire Gateway HG installation manual online. remember it after seeing your hint, click the I still can’t remember the password link. 2wire hg-b Pdf User Manuals. View online or download 2wire hg-b Installation Manual.

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Local Network – Configuration Page Configuring Advanced Settings For events that involve the transfer of packets, the following additional information is displayed. When the 2ire gateway detects outbound traffic, the session is reestablished. Modifying the settings on this page can impact the ability of computers on the local network to access the broadband connection.

Local Network – Device List Page Configuring The Internet Connection Advanced – Configure Time Services Page Troubleshooting – Network Tests Page Page Management and Diagnostic Console button in the Broadband Link field allows you to reset the 2Wire gateway broadband link. Hard reset instructions for 2Wire HG-B If your HG-B router is not working as it should, dropping connections or not being responsive, mmanual should first do a reset of the router to see if the mnaual persist.

Viewing System Details To access the Firewall Summary page: Wireless this field is present only on wireless 2Wire gateway models Transmit The cumulative number of frames transmitted over the Configure the Wireless Network Page Default Gateway Part of the Internet address settings. Viewing the Firewall Log The 2Wire gateway keeps a log of all firewall-related events that occur. The link is attempting to establish a connection.


Understanding The Indicator Lights Hardware version The current 2Wire gateway hardware version. Item Description Model number The 2Wire gateway model number. If a third-party router is connected to the 2Wire gateway, the network can become unstable because both amnual are trying to manage private IPs via NAT. The link groups that display are dependent on the 2Wire gateway model.

2Wire 2701hg-b Manuals

The DNS is the way that Internet domain names such as www. These features should be used only if you are thoroughly familiar with firewalls and networking. Public Network Settings System Summary Page Page Management and Diagnostic Console To view information about each node, click the node link. The Firewall – Settings page allows you to configure the firewall to pass through specific application data to a selected computer.

Broadband Link Tab This chapter describes the 2Wire gateway Broadband Link features, and provides detailed instructions on how to customize your broadband settings. Troubleshooting – Network Tests Page Figure Table of contents Installation Guide manial Management and Diagnostic Console To create an application profile: The value is Unprovisioned if the 2Wire gateway has not yet been provisioned.


Hosting an Application When you host an application on your network for Internet users to access, you must configure the 2Wire gateway firewall to pass through specific application data to a selected computer.

2wire hg-b Manuals

Disabling Attack Detection By default, the 2Wire gateway firewall rules block the attack types listed in the Attack Detection pane. Enable Router Behind Router Alert Troubleshooting – Resets Page Page 45 Repeat these steps for each port or range of ports required for the application profile. Modifying Dsl And Atm Settings always-on.

Enabling Advanced Security To print the manual completely, please, download it. When in stealth mode, the 2Wire gateway firewall does not return any information in response to network queries; that is, it will appear to the 2701hv-t who is trying to access your network that your network does not exist.

Information displays below the Link Manager States tree, and includes the following: Using Broadband Diagnostics Using The Mdc Enabling Hostname Override Accessing The Mdc Viewing Your Broadband Link Summary The Broadband Link Summary page provides general information about the current status of your broadband link connection and your system configuration.

For Wall-mounted Phones Local Network – Status Page