Instead of trying to develop its own 20mm QR system, Magura simply licensed the Maxle design from RockShox. Out of the box, the axle threads felt rougher. The Magura Wotan is Magura’s first proper entry in the all-mountain/freeride fork market. Hello Folks, I’ve had a Wotan for a few weeks now and thought I’d share EDIT: I finally managed to get a hold of Magura, explained the travel.

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Rolinski May 23, at 2: Air spring cartridge and negative spring. Magura deserves to succeed with this one. Rockshox is made in Taiwan.

What can possibly be better about less travel?

The various adjustments make it extremely versatile. You can play around with it’s platform to give it a better ride but the compression damping isn’t quite as sophisticated as the high and low speed adjustments on the Lyrik.

Also, I guess it’s because the overall length of the Wotan is longer compared to the Lyrik I found it to be a little slower in the corners. Magura has a couple of new forks forone a new version of an existing fork and magurq other completely new.

It’s Pronounced Voo-Taan! – Magura Wotan Fork Review – Pinkbike

Some people may not see that as a bad thing but it makes you lose your rhythm where in preparation for the next pump through the rocks your front end has sunk down more than expected and you either have to use a lot more effort to pull up again or you just start plowing through everything and lose your momentum.

Superior suspension technology coupled with sweet linkage systems have truly changed the face of ‘all mountain’ riding. From what I have seen ’07 and ’08 are essentially the same. That seems to be the way Rock Shox is doing it and it seems to work.


It’s Pronounced Voo-Taan! – Magura Wotan Fork Review

I have seen the trend here I live just south of Vancouver, in Bellingham, WA of riders who rode the shore a scant few years ago with beastly 8″ travel bikes, switching to shorter travel 5. Mid-travel bikes now are crazy advanced though.

There are 0 comments. It’s not a matter of bottoming really but more about the angles and sag, they help so much on the gnar. But it is something to keep in mind if you are coming off of something a bit shorter. I hope it’s not like rock shox that looses rebound because of a shitty plastic that cracks. IsakL May 23, at Marco Osborne Joins Transition Bicycles views.

If you are not interested you can unsubscribe at any time. I think that rather rely on just a pedalling platform that is either on or off there should be a separate compression adjustment wofan you can set for your overall ride and then if you want matura stiffen up the fork for climbing you can turn on the platform.

Something I could support whole heartedly. Then we come back to changing the oil to increase the performance of the fork. The double arch actually looks really bad, but if the specs show that it holds up better than I don’t think the looks will matter.

Reading PB’s review of the fork it doesn’t really seem amgura they have improved too much on the actual compression damping on the fork, considering it is written that you have to do some modifications like putting in a heavier weight oil.


Magura Wotan Fork – Reviews, Comparisons, Specs – Mountain Bike Forks – Vital MTB

I dunno, but Im keeping my 55 for now. A flap design is almost the same thing,less complicated, www. Now cut the tube open lengthwise single arch and perform the same test. I think the majority of riders would be very happy with the Wotan in stock trim, Woran just a bit of tinkerer.

They changed a couple of things for wtoan IsakL May 25, at From the top down to the bottom it has a burly appearance that sets it far apart from the crowd. Bar mounted Flight Control unit.

Compression Albert Select assembly on the left, rebound on the right. Quality has its price. So what about the competition? Sweet double archs, fit the fork, but maybe a bit heavier? With the Wotan I would notice that sometimes I would have to pull up and almost swing the front wheel around in the apex of the turn, as opposed to carving the corner. Magura releases new maggura for Magura has a couple of new forks for dotan, one a new version of an existing fork and the other completely new.

The Wotan is a top-notch bit of kit. I think you’re confusing it with the wars my country is involved in And really, eotan lot of riders here end up changing out to different weights oil shortly after getting a new fork anyways so the oil swap is no biggie and easy to do.