Giovanni Maciocia. likes · 5 Part of the proceeds will go towards funding Giovanni Maciocia scholarships at acupuncture and herbal colleges globally. Online Continuing Education for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. All courses are registered to provide CEUs from California. One of the most highly-regarded and respected authors and lecturers in the West, Giovanni Maciocia, illuminates and examines the art of traditional Chinese.

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The Heart and the nose Of course the nose is the orifice of the Lungs from a 5-Element perspective, but chapter 11 of the Su Wen makes a correlation between the Heart and the nose. The first is the view that both Fire and Water and therefore Heart and Kidneys are transformations of Jing.

The Wei level comprises of four different patterns according to the nature of the pathogenic factor, i.

AD where he first elaborated the theory of the 6 Stages. Association of Microbiologists UK website, Thus, the two schools of thought which form the pillars for the diagnosis and treatment of exterior diseases in Chinese medicine are separated by about 15 centuries: Along with these skills, he had a keen intuitive sense of his patients’ conditions and needs.

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No es para el nivel Wei. Diverting the Crisis Stages of Life: A sore throat is due to invasion of the Wind in the Lung channel in the throat: To report inappropriate ads, click here.

Influenza viruses spread from person to person by tiny droplets produced by coughing xcupuncture sneezing. The “fever”, or hot feeling of the body in external invasions of Wind is due to the struggle between the body’s Qi Zheng Qi and the external pathogenic factor.

Maciocia, Giovanni | Pacific College

The main symptoms of invasion of Wind-Heat at the Wei Level are aversion to cold, shivering, fever, sore throat, acupunctuure tonsils, headache and body-aches, sneezing, cough, runny nose with yellow discharge, slightly dark urine, slightly Red sides of the tongue and a Floating-Rapid pulse. Giovanni is described in this brochure as the “Father of Chinese Medicine in Europe”.


Exterior Dampness can also be caught by wearing wet clothes, wading in water, working in damp places or sitting on damp ground.

Practitioner Giovanni Maciocia is one of the world’s most highly respected practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. That is why disorders of the Heart and Lungs can cause nasal obstruction. While firmly rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, Giovanni’s ideas are often innovative as the theories of Chinese medicine need to be adapted to Western conditions and new Western diseases.

Because Giovanni reads Chinese, he has unique access to both old as well as modern Chinese medicine textbooks. There are five patterns at the Blood Level, i.

It strengthens immunity and resistance to viruses and bacteria by tonifying Lung- and Kidney-Qi. Giovanni was recently honoured by his inclusion in the brochure celebrating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine where Giovanni attended three courses. Both Wind-Cold and Wind-Heat cause aversion to cold. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to see his written ideas in another book.

The Wei level is the beginning stage of invasions of Wind-Heat: The pathology of aversion to cold and “fever” has already been discussed.

Maciocia, Giovanni

Teacher Giovanni Maciocia lectures worldwide as well as offering online webinars and continuing education courses. Were it not so, in cold, Northern countries nobody should fall prey to invasions of Wind-Heat which is not the case. He will be missed! The most common patterns at this level are either Lung-Heat of Lung-Phlegm-Heat so that the patient develops bronchitis or pneumonia. Peter Valaskatgis has been practicing acupuncture sinceutilizing mainly Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Thus, Wei Qi is not necessarily weak but only obstructed in the space between skin and muscles. For example, chapter 81 of the Su Wen correlates the Heart to the eyes.

When Heat penetrates this level in the context of a Wen Bing disease, the person may die. Indeed, the presence of maculae under the skin always indicate that the Heat has reached the Blood level and the situation is potentially serious.


As a result the Zhi alone generates sadness and the Jing has nothing to control. Get to Know Us. In the elderly, exterior Wind may easily penetrate the Interior causing bronchitis and pneumonia which is often fatal in old age.

The interesting part of this theory is the distinction, within the Interior, of three different levels, the Qi Level being the most superficial within the Interior and the Blood Level the deepest. The dosage is at least 9 tablets a day but if the symptoms are severe, an adult can use up to tablets per day. He declined to join his father’s construction business and instead followed his passion, and studied and graduated from the International College of Oriental Medicine ICOM in Sussex, England.

Giovanni Maciocia is one of the most highly respected practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Europe. There would be no lack of sunshine for him anymore! The Six Stages are: Testimonials Giovanni Maciocia is a respected guide in this transition period of East Asian medicine to the western arena.

Giovanni Maciocia

The Channels of Acupuncture Madiocia Another connection between the Heart and eyes is that the Heart Luo channel goes to the eyes. The first stage, Tai Yang, is the only Exterior one. The main manifestations calling for this remedy in this context are: The simultaneous fever or “emission of heat” and aversion to cold is the most characteristic symptom aucpuncture the beginning stages of an invasion of Wind: The fourth point highlighted by this chapter is that tears are a fluid derived from the Kidneys.

The clearest indication that the Heat is reaching the Ying level is the absence of coating on the tongue.