Development chapter, now part of the m0n0wall Developers’ Handbook. Francisco Artes (falcor at ): IPsec and PPTP chapters. Fred Wright (fw. Getting started with m0n0wall, a complete embedded firewall software package. Additional Contributors listed in the m0n0wall Handbook. m0n0wall Version. m0n0wall Manuel Kasper announced the end of active development of store its entire configuration is another example of the miracles Manual brought to life.

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Thank you Manuel!

The pass-through MACs can change their IP addresses on the fly and upon the next access, the pass-through tables are changed accordingly. Additional Contributors listed in Contributors and Credits. Here is the critical part. This will merely slow down a knowledgeable attacker who’ll find a way to get in one way or anotherbut it could stop a script kiddie dead in their tracks and keep some worms from infecting your network.

Choosing the appropriate NAT for your network 7. All users trying to leave the selected network for example all users from the LAN network going to the Internet will be redirected to a HTML page stored on your m0n0wall. You will see captive portals in use at most Wi-Fi hotspots.

Thank you Manuel! – OPNsense, Your Next Open Source Firewall

As with all firewall rules, limit the accessibility as much as possible. This means all host names not specifically configured are redirected to your dynamic DNS name. Slower storage mediums like compact flash will take slightly longer to boot than hard drives will, but boot time is the only performance factor in selecting your storage medium. Will there ever be translated versions of m0n0wall? Maclaren, University of Cambridge. You can have multiple early shellcmd tags.


The remote router will take a little longer, since the tunnel has to be re-established, but if you did everything right, it should come up shortly. Inbound traffic is incoming data that arrivs on the selected m0n0wall NAT interface that has not already travelled througn th m0n0wall itself.

m0n0wall Documentation

Many companies suffer from worm outbreaks m0n0walll related security issues due to unauthorized machines being plugged into their network. For example, inbound traffic on the WAN interface coming directly from the Internet can have inbound rules applied to it but traffic from the LAN network that goes through the WAN interface cannot have inbound rules applied because that traffic had to pass through the m0n0wall to arrive at the WAN interface.

Adding MAC addresses as pass-through MACs allows them access through the captive portal automatically without being taken to the portal page.

This will download a file called by default config.

The traffic screen allows you to select an hancbook, and view real time throughput graphs on that interface. Make sure to get the subnet mask right on m0n0wall and the OPT1 servers.

You need m0n0wall pb25 or later for mobile user VPN. Then enable Voucher support on the Voucher tab. Test that the configuration works as desired, including all inbound and outbound rules.

The two entries for each VPN connection are as follows: After two or more points securely authenticate each other’s identification, access rights, and how to encrypt data phase 1they will be able to communicate using encrypted data packets phase 2.

If you take this path, it is recommended you use “reject” rather than “block” in the firewall rules so inaccessible sites time out immediately.

Don’t forget to enable the DHCP server on your captive portal interface! All Soekris devices are fully compatible with m0n0wall.

Test them all to make sure they are working as designed. Connect and encrypt two or more Monowall devices over the Internet and their local networks.


I would personally recommend Intel NIC’s over any others. It is a good practice to always leave notes about why you are doing something. This blue background indicates you can use aliases in this field. Starting in firmware 1. Supported Hardware Architectures 2. The local router’s page should refresh almost immediately. M0n0eall 2 is what builds m0n0wal actual tunnel, sets the protocol to use, and sets the length of time to keep the tunnel up when there is no traffic on it.

Michael also has a hanbdook copy of the latest generic-pc image with SMP available for download from his page. This can be used to allow two or more IP addresses to be accessible from the selected network interface.

This was not required because of the way we configured the allow rule, however I like to put hsndbook in there to make it very clear where the traffic from DMZ to LAN is getting dropped. Now click the “Private Keys” tab. Does m0n0wall support SMP systems?

Only external traffic incoming on the selected interface will have Inbound NAT rules applied to it. Use this if you have enough public IP addresses for all your servers, but can’t use routing because you don’t have a whole subnet. However, for adventure seekers, there is a how to for using IPsec on a device and L2TP on an internal Windows x server to offset the encryption workload: Then you can include it in your portal page like this:.