Order: Schizaeales. Family: Schizaeaceae. Genus: Lygodium. Species: L. flexuosum. Common Names: Climbing Fern, Ribu-ribu Gajah, Akar Sidin. Status . Lygodium flexuosum var. setulosum Tard. & C. Chr. Synonym. Lygodium maculatum Bory. Synonym. Lygodium meyenianum Presl. Synonym. Lygodium pilosum. Analysis of the bioactive components present in the whole plant ethanol extract of species Lygodium flexuosum L. from Northern Western Ghats has been.

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Ching Cyrtomium fortunei J. Prosea Foundation, Borgor, Indonesia. Kaur Cyclosorus rubicundus Alderw.

It was discovered in the stems of L. Tectaria devexa Kunze Copel. Ching Flexuosumm maxima Blume Copel. Times Editions-Marshall Cavendish, Singapore. Cheiropleuria bicuspis Blume C. Parris Cyathea borneensis Copel. Email us at dbsthh nus. The effect of Gibberellic acid GA on the ultrastructure of chloroplast and the content of chlorophyll was seen in the cells of dwarf maize.

General information Lygodium flexuosum is widespread in eastern Asia, adversely affecting rice crops and natural lowland vegetation.

Ferns of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia > Lygodium flexuosum

Lygodium tenue Presl Lygodium serrulatum Bl. Nakaike Hymenasplenium cheilosorum Kunze ex Mett.

Presl Acrosorus friderici-et-pauli Christ Copel. User specific search options User. Important crops of the world and their weeds. Basal leaflets often with large basal lobes, sometimes with two or three separate leaflets at the base. Plant diversity of a fresh water swamps of Doon valley, India.


Lygodium flexuosum – Useful Tropical Plants

It flexuosim used to cure ulcer, eczema, lygodlum and wound. For an account of the life history of a fern, see Pyrrosia piloselloides. The root apex organization in L. Species See text Lygodium climbing fern is a genus of about 40 species of fernsnative to tropical regions across the world, with a few temperate species in eastern Asia and eastern North America.

Pinnule leaflet stalks that become shorter in length towards pinna apex distinguish this species from Lygodium microphyllum.

Lygodium flexuosum

Many modern synthetic drugs may harm more than they help in curing diseases by its serious effects. Flora of Peninsular Malaysia. Lu Phymatosorus scolopendria Burm. Population size is treated under Population Biology, and trends in population sizes are treated under Trends. Importance of ferns in human medicines. In the forest around Dehradun Dryopteris cochleata with dimorphicfronds is concipious near Rishikesh and Dehradun. Reed Actinostachys wagneri Selling C.

India Biodiversity Portal

Vandenboschia naseana Christ Ching Woodwardia harlandii Hook. Natural products and especially those derived from higher plants have historically played a pivotal role in the discovery of new pharmaceuticals.

Dryopteris hirtipes Blume Kuntze Dryopteris integriloba C. ,ygodium primary rachis-branches are very short, up to 5 mm long with a dormant apex covered with hairs. Primary rachis branches are not elongated. Sporangia -bearing lobes protruding at cf. Crepidomanes latealatum Bosch Copel. A classification for extant ferns. This fern is used as fodder and forage resources of common land in Western Chitwan.


Panigrahi Cyclosorus thailandicus S. The secondary rachis-branches bear alternate pinnately arranged leaflets, x cm with a cordate base and serrated margins. Price Stenochlaena palustris Burm. Lygodium salicifolium — Southern China south to northern Australasia. Rachis of scandent fronds narrowly winged, flattened and puberulent on adaxial surface between wings; primary rachis branches up to 3 mm lower ones lyyodiumdormant apex covered with pale brown hairs; secondary rachis branches pinnate to somewhat bipinnate, narrowly ovate to deltoid in outline, commonly ca.

Morton Loxogramme subecostata Hook. Antheridiogens were found lgodium two species of Lygodiaceae family that is L.

Habitat climbs trees and scrambles in open places in deciduous or mixed forests. Latif J, Mamat MN. Ching Marsilea crenata C. Diversity, distribution lyhodium and conservation status of the plant used in liver diseases, ailments in Indian Himalayan region. Ching Cyclosorus validus Christ. Lygodium subareolatum — China. Florida currently has a lygodium management plan, which was released inand an active control program in place.

Bugwood blog center for invasive species and ecosystem health. Kramer Lindsaea ensifolia Sw. Views Read Edit View history.