Love, Like Water [Rowan Speedwell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three years undercover with one of the worst gangs in the country. Read Love, Like Water by Rowan Speedwell by Rowan Speedwell by Rowan Speedwell for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone . Ebook Rowan SpeedwellPDF and Download Love Like Water Ebook Rowan Speedwell PDF for Free. Answers – The Most Trusted Place For.

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Audible This was my much needed rebound romance. Its heartrending but its also a beautiful love story and whether you like angst with your stories or not I thought this one was roaan perfectly. But my main problem with this book was the relationship itself. But, I still would have probably preferred the ending to be a bit more subtle. No me hagas esto, mijo.

Love, Like Water by Rowan Speedwell

Joshua is painfully broken and has given up on ever finding his way. The ranch is so vividly described, with each of it’s occupants being strong secondary characters that add to the story. Great character development, well performed and engaging. Give as a gift.

Love, Like Water

Was he entitled 0. Turns out the stranger’s brother is marrying my sister later this week. There are a combustion of emotions between Eli and Josh During that time he saw a lot of bad things.

The plot was simple, but this gave me the chance to feel the turmoil in Joshua and the pain he was going qater. A bottle of vodka and this book would make for a wild night.


She has a master’s degree in history from the University of Chicago, is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and lives in a Chicago suburb with the obligatory Writer’s Cat and way too many books. He done an excellent job. Have you listened to any of K. Things aren’t easy for them, I was frustrated by both of them at times, but I understood. Joshua is not much a guy who needs a little rehab, but a severely traumatized person, emotionally, physically and chemically, from his forced addiction to heroin.

I think a sequel would be nice, but not needed. Yet, Eli yes, you read that correctly, not Josh but Eli reached out to Josh first to apologizeprofesses his love, and ask for reconciliation. Josh is an ex-FBI agent.

You name it, he’s been through it. The writing was clear and crisp; and, there weren’t any glaring editing errors. After testifying against the gang and cartel members, Josh quit the FBI and spent months in rehab, detoxing from his heroin addiction he obtained while undercover.

If that makes any sense with out giving away the story as I hate spoilers in reviews. Kellywho also narrated one of my top “reads” this fall, Ethan, Who Loved Carter 5 stars.

I probably would lkve given this book 3. And when tragedy strikes, Josh may push Eli away, just as they need each other most. Eli just wants to help him. The romance was well built, and it filled out enough of the book. If you like a broken character If you like a cowboy Do I need to add anymore to that sentence?


Love, Like Water by Rowan Speedwell | Dreamspinner Press

So Eli treats Joshua much like their rescued and abused animals. She provides wonderful detail on training the horses, the inner workings of the ranch, and life in the Southwest.

Yes, the narrator’s voice and the likeable characters. There, he meets Elian Kelly, the ranch foreman with a specialty in helping abused and traumatized horses.

Speedwell also does an amazing job portraying life on the ranch. When Felix lands a job taking care of a man recovering from severe injuries, he thinks his life may have just turned around. Boom, things explode in a hot sweaty fusion of skin and things are good. Excellent all round story. I may have been more hesitant at choosing this if I had snuck a peak first since I’m not usually a huge fan of cowboy stories I’m not sure if he is Hispanic or Native American but he had that soulful, deep, perfectly accented tone to his voice that fit this book like a glove.

He’s pretty damaged and has a very low opinion of himself, which are the least of his problems.