LOS SECUESTRADOS DE ALTONA by JEAN-PAUL SARTRE at – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Losada – Title: Teatro. Los secuestrados de Altona. Publisher: Editorial Losada, S.A.. Publication Date: Binding: EncuadernaciĆ³n de tapa blanda. Book Condition. : Los secuestrados de Altona/ The Kidnapped of Altona (Spanish Edition) () by Jean-Paul Sartre and a great selection of similar.

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Because you love him.

Leni notices lipstick on a champagne glass lox reveals that Father has told her Franz has been seeing Johanna. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Franz prods Leni to shoot him, but she refuses, telling Franz that she will tell Johanna everything in order to hurt him by shattering Johanna’s love for him, and that she is the only one who loves him for who he is. Leni tells her father that she has not told Franz of his condition.

As for me, have you considered what I shall be thinking all that time? Johanna tells Leni that she can keep Franz to herself.

The Condemned of Altona – Wikipedia

Is it inscribed on your window? Where does it come from, this rancid, dead taste in my mouth? What do you mean?

She tells him that she has gone to see Franz every day, and she tells him that telling Franz the truth about Germany’s situation would drive him to suicide. Then what are you afraid of? He takes her by the waist and kisses her brutally.


How you hate me! He tells Johanna that she is, like him, a recluse. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Tell father I’ll meet him at six o’clock in the conference room. Franz descends the steps slowly as they begin to speak. Oh, tribunal of the night – you who were, who will be, and who are – I have been! In Smolensk one night it had. Leni apologizes for the earlier quarrel, but Franz rushes her quickly out of the room.

It was from then on that Father had wanted to see Franz, whom he pitied. He claims that Germany’s loss in the war led to its coming back as a world power, and that those, like Franz, who “loved their country enough to sacrifice their military honor for victory” merely “risked prolonging the massacre and hindering its reconstruction.

She exits as Franz begins another internal dialogue with his crabs. The beast was hiding, and suddenly we surprised his look deep in the eyes of our neighbors.

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Pointing to the bathroom The liar is in there. He protests that he will not be judged by her and tells her that he does not have a choice on his position, adding “I would not submit myself to it unless it was vitally necessary. Majorthe von Gerlachs: Gelb is German for the color “yellow”, which in English can also mean “cowardly”.

As Johanna is about to tell Franz something, Leni taps her signal on the door. I’ll ask for your help, and you won’t give it to me. The thirtieth century no longer replies. The final act begins in the large room where the first act took place.


Here Sartre shows Father’s power to stem from a self-deception Werner does not possess: Authenticity Bad faith mauvaise foi Existence precedes essence Les Temps modernes. He admits “I pretended that I was locking myself up so that I shouldn’t witness Germany’s agony. Finally, Werner stands and swears to obey his father’s last wishes.

They discuss the possibility of Johanna sealing herself up as well. Father claims his ability to command comes from his receiving secueatrados orders, despite the fact they are his own.

Recovering her warmth I can’t stand it! Will you condemn your mother? Franz and Father enter simultaneously. I don’t care if you do go mad; we shall stay here. You took our eyes to examine what exists, while we, living in man’s epoch, have seen with those same eyes what does not exist. It is the taste of the century. The century might have been a good one had not man been watched from time immemorial by the cruel enemy who had sworn to destroy him, that hairless, evil, flesh-eating beast – man himself.

Johanna refuses to be bound to her father-in-law’s wishes, and confronts the family’s secret: You only like strength, you women. And you didn’t succeed? I have just found you again.