Optimization Guide: User Logon Understanding and Optimizing the Logon Process for XenApp and XenDesktop. i. WHITE PAPER | Logon Optimization. Table of. WHITE PAPER | Logon Optimization i. Optimization Guide: User Logon. Understanding and Optimizing the Logon Process for XenApp and XenDesktop. Citrix CTX How to hide the domain from Director Logon Page: Citrix XenDesktop and Windows 10 Optimisation Script – “Optimise Windows 10 in.

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How to Make Citrix Logons Faster By Up To 75%?

For an alternative method of autologon xenwpp section includes the autologoff procedure: Then provide a site group name and IP address of the delivery controller of the site to create the site group.

Run this script once to add the option.

George Spiers June 17, If the vCenter certificate is valid and trusted, then you can skip to the Hosting Xennapp section. Citrix Client Drive Mapping no longer uses drive letters and instead they appear as local disks. I would recreate your Platform Layer and join it to the domain at the beginning of layer creation, and keep it joined to the domain.


Xenapp can be disabled in the Citrix Licensing Manager https: If you did a fresh install of 7. Jeremy Saunders May 6, Interactive Session times are a lot lower than when we started these optimisations, over a 40 reduction! When this value is configured, users are no longer prompted to select an upload location.

Another option is to xendesktlp the StoreFront configuration so you can restore it later if something goes wrong. Anonymous August 30, Folder redirection is limited to documents and favorites.

Has any one tried it? Hello, I also followed this document and found it excellent.

Optimize Logon Times – Part 2: OS Optimization – xenappblog

If desired, you can disable it in Citrix Studio: The machine is restarted between each logon so as to mimic a first-time session logon post restart to VDA where no profile is cached. By default, all local datastores are selected.

Hi George, Thank you for your prompt reply. This tool easily configures an autologon account and encrypts the password. Yes the Platform Layer is the domain joined layer.

XenApp/XenDesktop – Carl Stalhood

Citrix continuously delivers enhancements to its Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service and on-prem platform releases to ensure Citrix customers get the best logon experience. Enclose connection string information for each database in quotes. Edit each of the scripts. So you have two ways around this: Your lovon task is now created.


I know the first time a user profile is created it takes longer than subsequent logons. Repeat these steps on the second Controller.

So whilst Director records logon times, it is important to understand that this is the time taken from clicking to launch a resource until the machine is actually usable even though the actual logon may have completed some time before that. Click OK to acknowledge that the import was successful. The image should get primed with the user account and it should speed up the new user logons for a non-persistent desktop which flushes the state at log off. Matheen November 20, Your subscription must be activated.

George Spiers December 19,