Regnum Romanum) – okres w dziejach starożytnego Rzymu trwający według tradycji od . Według Liwiusza Romulus został pierwszym królem Rzymu. Tytus Liwiusz “Dzieje od założenia miasta Rzymu”. 1 like. Book. TYTUS LIWIUSZ. DZIEJE RZYMU OD ZAŁOŻENIA MIASTA. Seria: Biblioteka Przekładów z Literatury Antycznej,. Ksiegi VI-X. Nakładegz. WYDAWNICTWO.

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Aeli Paeti, qui ceciderant pugna Can- nensi. Henry Parker and the English Civil War: Each citizen bro- ught considerable amounts of gold, silver or bronze coins so as to be sure their name appeared as first on the list. They collected gold and silver as well as bronze mint coins.

Schmitz, Mensarii, Mensularii, or Nummularii, [in: About equalization leges with plebiscita see J. A Coherence Theory, Indianapolis Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften 1No.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The debtors who could not do so, transmitted their property to creditors as debt re- payment. Banche e banchieri nella Roma repubblicana.

About irregular deposit see also T. Scribonius Libo, qui tum tribunus plebis erat.

The Political Philosophy of the Bristish Idealists: Benn, Stanley; Weinstein, William: The expres- sion triumviri mensarii deserves attention since the word triumvirii may suggest an official character of actions undertaken by them, while mensarii indicates the scope of their llwiusz. It was a safe and sure form of a deposit since resources entrusted to the state were easily reclaimable.

Visions of Politis, vol. The commission was established by the virtue of de quinqueuiris mensariis creandis plebiscite.

If, as trium- viri mensariis — the former censor and consul Lucius Emilius Papus,27 the former twice appointed consul Marcus Atilius Regulus28 and the plebeian tribune of that time Lucius Scribonius Libo were appointed, they were also equipped with important prerogatives. A Criticism, London Collini, Stefan: It was probalby a plebiscte binding all citizens according to lex Hortensia of BC.


Ita- que hsii classes habere atque ornare volumus populum Romanum, pri- vatos sine recusatione remiges dare, nobismet ipsis primum imperemus.

Moreover, triumviri mensariis accepted and registered all voluntary contributions for the benefit of the state. Stor- chi Marino, Quinqueviri mensarii: Sculland, Dzieje Rzymu, transl. They collected gold, silver as well as the bronze mint coins.

The plebiscite also introduced the quadruplum penalty which consisted of an obligation to pay the value four-fold of unduly collected interest. The author of the letter claimed that the grandfa- ther of the Princeps was a money-changer of Nerulum who married a dau- piwiusz of a baker of Aricia.

Mucius Scaevola przed Porsenną – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

He describes the bank with the word trape- dza, which in his opinion related to the table at which transactions were made — Compare M. This commission probably had vast power. Mensarii were held in high esteem as far as the field of their activity was concerned.

A Theory of Freedom: Negative and Positive Freedom, [w]: We should not, howe- ver, confuse mensarii with argentarii. From Psychological to the Politics Agency, Cambridge Skip to main content. Haud aeque laeta patribus insequenti anno C. It may be concluded that the plebiscite was passed during a very tense political situation.


Jones, The Bankers of Puteoli: It was probably not necessary. Materna tibi farinast ex crudissimo Ariciae pistrino: Log Dziej Sign Up. The subsequent lex Minucia de triumviris mensariis, passed in BC appointed triumviri mensariis, namely officials who had similar compe- tences as quinqueviri mensari.


Selected Studies, Cambridge Mensari quinqueviri mensarii acted as bankers on behalf of and for the benefit of the state. Observations upon some of his Majesties late Answers and Expresses, [w: Talamanca, Argen- tarii, cit. Nummu- larii were at first involved in dxieje on the behalf and for the benefit of the state and were next engaged in other activity, luwiusz part of mensa ar- gentaria.

Meriti aequitate curaque sunt, ut per omnium annalium monumenta celebres nominibus essent; fuere autem C.

Klutura antycznego Rzymu by Jurek Noskowiak on Prezi

That is why triumviri mensa- riis could liwiuzz manage to accept and the writers to register the contri- butions. Seventeenth-Century English Political Tracts, red. SUMMARY Mensarii were bank officials appointed or chosen by the state in some circumstances especially in the periods of general poverty. However, unlike the preceding five-man commission they were not appointed once, in this case we can speak about a certain type of office which operated at least until BC.

Broughton, The Magistrates of the Roman Republic, vol. Reasons why this kingdome ought to adhere to the Dziejje, London