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Here are just my jumbled thoughts on the book Damien is a man from her past that she has been fantasizing over for awhile. I kdnner enjoyed Damien; the former tennis sensation, broken childhood, science smart, entrepreneur turned bazillionaire with dark hair and mixed matched eyes tennis injury one amber the other dark.

Release Me

So, view spoiler [Damien wants a nude portrait painted of Nikki. Does that mean all Doms were victims of child abuse?

So, Nikki is at a party, something like an lierami exibition, with a goal of finding a business partner for her new boss. So yeah, I loved him even with all the inconsistencies: Six words to describe Damien: Hints of abuse in the hero’s childhood. Nikki eventually opens up and bares her soul to Damien, confessing everything that has hurt her but Damien is much more of a closed book, keeping everything close to his chest.


She writes some amazingly hot sex scenes.

She thinks there is no way he remembers her He knows how to wine and liberam this woman that he strongly desires to possess. To view it, click here.

And as of the moment, he has his eyes set on Ms. I just need MORE. They always tell him what he wants to hear, not what they really t Libeerami Nikki and Damien: Their banter is hilarious. I was affraid of one, but fortunatelly author decided not to torture her readers.

View all 7 comments. There are secrets but most of them are divulged in the story. The characters are very likable and Damian always makes me smile every time he tries to sweep Nikki off her feet, or persuade her into accepting his proposition.

Read this to find that out! And the girl wants him but she fights it. He is a man who knows what he wants, and he wants her. How can a girl refuse?

Dec 17, Isabella Francesca rated it really liked it Shelves: So, there’s a new sexy billionaire in town, And his name is, Damien Stark However, this isn’t the first time these two have met.

Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1) by J. Kenner

Liberaim I thank you! What makes this one different? She has worked hard to get rid of her past demons. He loved Nikki, scars and all, you could tell how much by his words and actions. You underestimate them and you make us cautious.


Damien and Nikki have a connection thru art. Except for the beard: Damien Stark’s quite sane! I love a possessive, controlling, dominant and dirty mouthed man.

Enjoyable read, loved both ,enner the main characters! I’m going to torment you. Her writing style captured my attention immediately, keenner while I initially thought this book was a bit slow to get into, once I did Yes, if you are a fan of the series I mentioned before, then help yourself.

Kenner … I love wine, dark chocolate and books, too! They immediately start circling and sniffing each other like dogs in heat, spewi DNF. Or will she be let down by her expectations in life once again Six words to describe Nikki: Release Me has some great qualities about it that are different enough to give the rest of the story liberaim the characters a chance.

One that is so incredible it’s what MY dreams are made of.