General Observations on the Status of Women in Costa Rica.. 9 .. Sexual Harassment at Work and in the Home (March 3, , Law ), and the Law Against . The Law for the Protection of Adolescent Mothers (Ley , ) offers. With respect to Costa Rican staff of the University whose employment conditions are governed by Costa Rican labour laws, the Law No. titled ‘Ley Contra. Background screening is growing in popularity in Costa Rica. However, there are Passed in , the Ley de Proteccíon de la Persona Frente al. Tratamiento de ). Background Screening – Available Checks. Civil Records. Criminal.

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We work in a culture of “zero tolerance” against all forms of exploitation of children and adolescents, so we also participate in the national initiative of the tourism sector in the Code of Conduct and encourage other enterprises of our city, region and country to form part of the same. eica

GADM – ADM-RRHH – Hostigamiento Sexual by Johnny Ramirez on Prezi

The final decision along with detailed reasons shall be promptly communicated to the aggrieved individual and the alleged offender. We work towards minimum contamination of: All visitations to protected areas must be done with a conservationist mentality and attitude of protection of the environment and defense of the wildlife rescue.

The Panel shall also state in the notice, the date, place and time when the first hearing shall take place. Committee representing the community of Monteverde before State institutions, in topics related to the construction of the route Resident Faculty Visiting Faculty. In case there is more than one Dean, then the Rector shall designate the Disciplinary Authority on a case-by-case basis.

These measures may include, but are not limited to, the following: Similarly, the Director for Academic Administration shall ensure that all students are provided with a copy of this policy upon commencement of their academic studies at UPEACE.

We believe in the healthy interaction Between the visitor and the environment. Annually given award, it rewards effort and volunteer work in the search for conservation and development, in accordance with the protection of natural resources, the implementation of actions to address climate change, the pursuit of improved hygienic sanitation and improvement of public health.

Job and Internship Opportunities. In particular, all staff members and students shall be required to complete a mandatory online training programme on prevention of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and abuse of authority. The aggrieved individual or alleged offender may also provide a list of witnesses whose testimonies they wish to produce in the hearings. Guests Residents of the Monteverde area and surroundings Or let us know your opinion, comments and or suggestions to: The Final Report of the Panel shall contain the following:.


We develop our tourism activities under the strict levels of accountability and monitoring, always alert to report any activity of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents CSEC. No Panel shall have all members of the same sex. If you find another group of visitors as you walk into the pathways, please maintain a reasonable distance between both groups, this to avoid the alteration of the excess capacity allowed.

In Costa Rica we are defenders of children and adolescents which may be threatened by the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Section 6 – Monitoring General 6. In case of taking food to natural areas, do not feed the animals or leave in these sites remains of them, to avoid any impact costz in the local fauna.

Organization that educates people about the importance, reproduction and use of native ornamental plants. In no circumstances can informal approach be forced onto either the aggrieved individual or the alleged offender. Organization that groups the private reserves of Costa Rica, encouraging voluntary conservation. Section 3 – Duties of Stakeholders 3. In Costa Rica, since regulations for public use for protected areas that receive visitors in greater numbers have been published trough Executive Decrees.

Where the prohibited conduct complained of may also constitute rixa criminal offence, such as in aggravated forms of sexual harassment, the officials listed in Clause 5.

Philanthropic organization that connects resources and strategic actors in the community to boost Monteverde sustainability initiatives and their surrounding communities. An informal approach, including Restorative Justice, offers the opportunity to resolve a complaint or grievance in a non-threatening and non-contentious manner.

In cases where Co-Ombudspersons or in cases of complaint against one of the Co-Ombudspersons, then the Rector and the other Co-Ombudsperson cannot come to a consensus on any of their joint tasks under this Section, a third member may be appointed by the Rector on a case-by-case basis as necessary. Chamber of Tourism Entrepreneurs from Monteverde: Section 5 – Corrective measures 5. Plans and actions of community development will be applied, environmental impact control, environmental conservation and sustainability in the use of resources in the surrounding communities will be implemented by allocating the necessary resource and contributing to improve the quality of life of the habitants.


However, disparity in power or status or other considerations may make direct communication or confrontation difficult, and aggrieved individuals are not required to confront the offender. Civil, nonprofit organization that seeks to conserve, preserve and rehabilitate tropical ecosystems and their biodiversity. Aggrieved individuals are encouraged to notify the offender of their complaint or grievance and ask them to stop the conduct that gives rise to the said complaint or grievance, as, in some instances, the alleged offender may not be aware that their behaviour is offensive.

Global Database on Violence against Women

National Chamber of Tourism Non-profit organization, which brings together the chambers and associations of the tourist business in the country. Only students who successfully complete the programme shall be entitled to graduate or receive transcripts from the University. Discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, are particularly serious when accompanied by abuse of authority.

Certification for Sustainable Tourism. Such action may include mandatory training, reprimand, a change of functions or responsibilities, counselling or other appropriate corrective measures. Promotes the development of the tourist activity in the country in a responsible and sustainable manner. The aggrieved individual may choose an informal or a formal resolution process, as explained below. The integrity of every person should be sacred, especially when it comes to minors, in defense of their rights, supporting this struggle with the initiative known as the Code of Conduct.

The complaint or report should include:.

The Panel roca should treat the situation with the necessary and appropriate sensitivity and confidentiality. Our staff has been qualified and trained in this issue; we are committed with the dissemination of this information to all of our public of interest. The Final Report of the Panel shall contain the following: In case the Disciplinary Authority is the Rector, then appeal may be submitted to the President of the Governing Council of the University.

salud ocupacional

The preliminary report shall be provided to the aggrieved individual and the alleged offender at the same time. The complaint or report should include: Avoid, to the maximum, all kinds of unnecessary disturbance to wildlife, as well as the same habitat. They must act as role models by upholding the highest standards of conduct.