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LEY pdf. Enviado por Anibal. Direitos autorais: © All Rights Reserved. Baixe no formato PDF ou leia online no Scribd. Sinalizar por conteúdo. character of the law does not encroach upon the capacity of utility companies to set up their own criteria and requirements for considering 3 Ley n° ‘Ley. , USD. Escuintla, Escuintla, Guatemala. ID: Krundi suurus: 9, Ehitusaasta El precio no incluye impuestos de ley. Terreno único con .

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Amends paragraphs 4 and 5 of the National Minimum Wage Order with respect to increasing minimum wages. Ajoute un nouvel article 1-bis concernant le champ d’application de la loi. Miscellaneous Provisions Chapter 5: Enables part-time workers to display their full talents and thereby 228687 their welfare by taking measures for securing appropriate working conditions, education and training, and enhancement of fringe benefits.

Provides for increases in minimum wages. It further establishes Minimum Wages Deliberative Councils to assist in wage determinations. Designates the Deliberative Council for Women’s and Minors’ Questions as the deliberative council provided for in paragraph 4 of Article 5 of the Law respecting the improvement of employment management of part-time workers Law No.

Liability of the Director General of a Public Authority. Ordinance implementing the Law on Improvement, etc. Raises the limit within which the government shall meet the obligation of an enterprise which has been declared bankrupt to pay unpaid wages to workers.

Amendments pursuant to the Law respecting special measures for employment security of workers in specified depressed industries or areas [Law No. This Act relates to the protection of workers in relation to the payment of wages.

Employment Premium Act, No. Specifies the definition of persons with specialized knowledge eligible for contracts with fixed terms. Also governs overtime work and work on compensatory holidays in case of temporary need ss. Ordinance of the Ministry of Labour amending Ordinance No.

Regulations respecting holidays and leave pay for agricultural workers employed on piece work. An Act to provide for the establishment of a Fund to be known as the Employment Guarantee Fund, for the payment let contributions by employers towards the resources of that Fund and for other connected matters.


Islandia – Condiciones de empleo – Ley Act No. Miscellaneous amendments of the enforcement Regulations under the Act respecting special measures for the employment security of workers in specified depressed industries and areas LS – Jap. Italia – Condiciones de empleo – Ley. Criminal Liability of a Person Ordering a Service. Lry concerning establishment of Guild Societies for each occupation in each province to protect legitimate and statutory rights and to improve working and economic conditions of workers and employers Art.

Commercial – Land – Escuintla, Escuintla, Guatemala – Caribbean & Central Ameri

Act provides further protection for employees in relation to the lley of wages, facilitates the payment of wages other than in cash, and repeals the Truck Acts, to National Personnel Authority Notification No.

Rephrases the title of the Ordinance, which now reads: Amends the Law published as LS Jap. This instrument fixes statutory minimum rates of pay and regulates statutory conditions of employment for workers employed in the shirtmaking trade. Contient en annexe des notes explicatives. This instrument fixes statutory minimum rates of pay and regulates statutory conditions of employment for workers employed in hairdressing. General Provisions Chapter 2: National Personnel Authority Regulation No.

Contains provisions regarding a warranty fund that guarantees the remuneration of workers in case of bankruptcy as well as the claim of a recognized pension fund.

Permits a shipowner to pay wages and other remuneration in forms other lfy legal tender in cases in which such payment is made in the manner provided by Orders s. Wage Guarantee Fund Act, No. Regulates, inter alia, issues of application of the coefficient of increase of wages, the procedure to include payments for worker motivation and questions related to the calculation of holidays.

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The State Social Security Institution has the authority to make employment contracts with employers in order to provide work for the disabled. This instrument fixes statutory minimum rates of remuneration and regulates statutory conditions of employment for workers employed in the milling industry. As from 1 Apr. Provides for establishment of a unique scale of wages for workers in all branches of the economy and basic conditions for implementation of this scale.

Increase in the maximum amount of loan available to a worker for purchasing a house. The minimum wage shall be increased in accordance with the rate of a cost-of-living allowance, a price increase compensation or a collectively agreed wage addition. The Law also provides for a definition of part-time workers, measures to be taken by employers, the state and local governments for the improvement of employment management of part-time workers, and for the establishment and functions of the Part-time Work Aid Center.


The change of ownership or the merging of companies shall not affect the rights of the employee according to his labour contract. Concerns duration of contracts and annulment, wages, working conditions, transport and sickness cost.

Stipulates that the wages of all workers shall be paid in valid currency, except for fishermen who can be paid with part of the catch. Inter alia makes provision for group plan under Act. This instrument fixes the statutory minimum rates of remuneration and statutory conditions of employment of workers employed in the women’s clothing and millinery trade.

The Wage Council decides the wages of numerous civil servants holding high positions. Contains provisions on servants younger than 21 years old. This Act provides that employers must pay their workers the equivalent of two months’ wages as a New Year gift and annual bonus, if they have completed one year of work, and if not, an amount must be paid to them on a pro-rata basis.

Ordinance defining the criteria for the total contract period under the Labour Contract Law, Article 18 1 Ordinance No.

Raises basic salaries, family allowances and various other allowances. This instrument fixes statutory minimum rates of pay and regulates statutory conditions of employment for workers employed in the hairdressing trade in the County and Borough of Dublin.

Law amending the Seafarers’ Law [Law No. Approved by the Council of Ministers to cover working conditions, including duration of work, holidays and leave, and to provide an income at least equivalent to a wage guaranteed by a written work contract in accordance with Arts. Amends sections 4 and 5 of National Minimum Wage Order