LEGO Villa Savoye Set Instructions Viewer. If you’ve lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building . Download LEGO instructions on your computer or mobile device for Villa Savoye set number to help you build these LEGO sets. LEGO set database: Villa Savoye. Set number: ; Name: Villa Savoye; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Model making; Theme: Architecture.

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None of the bags contain ‘offspring’, as it were, and none are duplicates, hinting at little repetition in this build. Rufus bought the set this morning at my local lego store. Ldgo kits are just so darn ritzy!

The long slopes as you can see form a staircase or ramp between the patio and the roof.

It’s also worth mentioning that the front upper floor windows – recreated as well as possible in LEGO at this scale – suffer for the odd-number-of-studs construction of the upper floor: Next, the front terrace is completed with some more clippy detail, and the ground floor is finished using lovely dark green bricks with large trans-clear windows at the front. Just like the real thing, this set features columns, functional roof space, open floor planning, long horizontal windows and a free facade.

But that’s expected so I think it’s a really good rendering of the real building! Even rendered in LEGO brick, the rectangular upper floor looks imposing sitting on its pilotis instructiins a rather diminutive ground floor, almost like it’s floating above the ground; the curvy wall on the roof contrasts nicely with the angular upper floor. Located in Poissy, about 30 km from the centre of Paris, the Villa Savoye is a modernist design by architect Le Corbusier, and considered a National Monument of France.

I’ll probably be picking this one lgeo come December – when I get an extra employee discount.

Much of the weight of the box is caused by the hefty gramme instruction book. She has a larger footprint than Fallingwaterwhich instuctions a similar price point but has more pieces, and Villa Savoye manages if anything to look more imposing. Quite why savoyr left side has szvoye plates and the right side blue is unclear. One is the ‘floppy’ 1×12 plate I mentioned, which should connect at its far end to the ground floor, provided you remember specifically to push down on that one spot; the other is the 4×12 plate at the front-right of the base, which despite having three layers of plates above it, is still only connected at front and rear, lwgo can come loose if you pick the model up by the front right corner.


Opening the quality card of the front cover, we are greeted with a contents page, followed by some villla pages of introduction, containing a guide to the house and its architectural significance, its history and vital statistics, and a biography of the architect, all with exhaustive commentary in both English and French:.

Wonderful review, thank you so much. What a cool house by a very innovative architect, who lived way before his time. The attention to detail in the Architecture books is outstanding. And some plates are added which will support the roof. This is far more than a mere instruction booklet – it’s almost a souvenir guide.

I guess that’s dictated by the odd number of pillars, which the whole building instructikns to be scaled around.

The edifice is complete! But you can see how well the curved roof and long, shallow-inclined ramp is recreated in LEGO.

Instructions For LEGO 21014 Villa Savoye

Finally, let’s see how Villa Savoye compares to other favourites from the Architecture range:. I like the SNOT solution here. An amazing amount of sacoye is present, and you can really learn a lot about the house and its architecture.

AND you have done a great review! I’ve seen a few MOCs that really look great. It’s a surprisingly large box.

Ok, it’s a little blurry, but I did have to persuade the pilot to fly over the house. These things get everywhere. Definitely makes me want to add this set to the collection. It doesn’t sit tightly in there, and tends to flop around. All-in-all, it’s rather a simple build. From this angle, the curvy roof wall thingy almost looks like a sail.


This really isn’t noticeable on the finished model, so I can forgive this. With a good selection of dark green parts, this might be useful as a parts pack; however, the majority are common pieces and the inflated price of the Architecture line reduces its appeal for parts alone. There are many excellent French architects to choose from and they are responsible for far more well known and architecturally interesting projects than the Villa Savoye again, my personal opinion, biased by the fact that many examples of the Modernist movement do nothing for me.

As a LEGO model, it might not break any molds, but it does bring a distinctive building to life in the medium of LEGO remarkably well, and you can vilpa a lot about architecture in the process. Like CopMike said, this info makes the set much more interesting.

BrickLink – Set : Lego Villa Savoye [Architecture] – BrickLink Reference Catalog

Its smart cover replicates the model shot from the insfructions of the box, and indicates that its contents are available on the Architeciture Website. Build a LEGO brick model of this famous modernist-style country house residence! The ground nistructions gets just a little lost, even with its expanse of window either side of the doors; however, I think this might have been purposeful on the part of the architect.

As I noted in my R2-D2 reviewthere’s a degree of colour inconsistency in the white pieces, most notable in the 1×2 bows, some of which seem to have a pearlescent sheen:.