91 Items ItemName: Lego Millennium Falcon – UCS, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy Includes all Minifigures, all pieces, plaque and instruction manual. Home | LEGO | SYSTEM | Star Wars | Ultimate Collector Series | – Millennium Falcon™ | Instructions. Instructions for – Millennium Falcon™ . Find complete inventory of pieces and free instruction manual scans for LEGO Millennium Falcon – Ultimate Collector Series UCS at the ToysPeriod.

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Prolific photographer, Lego junkie and tropical fish keeper.

Instructions for – Millennium Falcon™ |

I suppose I could have made a mistake somewhere, but I doubt it, as to be missing pieces would mean getting out extra for the inventory for the step, as well as finding a place for them not in the instructions. Lego Millenium Falcon When packaged, it all weighed 12lb, 8oz.

By Boxing Day night, this was how far I’d progressed. Top view when all the 01179 surface is finished. There were two 2×3 grey plates missing, and a small right-sided wing.

Everything is spread out over our dining table Here the chassis is complete. How stupid is that. And a final shot of the manuap set, including the name plate. The upper and lower gunnery covers. At this point we flew away to Queensland for five days.


Instructions for 10179-1 – Millennium Falcon™

So I then had to make the other six. So I asked my friend Dave to buy it for me and ship it out. Kazza the Blank One. The outline of the ship is now defined. Back view of the engines attached.

Cockpit base is now attached. So the next time I build it it will be a lot quicker. One of the side attachment mqnual. Here’s some shots of the finished Lego set Some detailed shots These were the pieces I had leftover. And the right side – showing the way-cool lowering gangway. Everything is spread out over our dining table. Stu holds it up for me to show 1179 whole base.

So it wasn’t until 5 January that I could complete photographing it.

Looking up from underneath at the newly attached lower skin. So as soon as we got home from lunch, I started. Han stands next to his ship for scale. Inside, all the different sorts of pieces are bagged together – there’s no division based on section, so it was a lot of work to find pieces as I went along. Kazza the Blank One home. Back on New Years Day – engine covers now done.


Yet strangely enough I had a left-sided wing left over. A shot of the left side. Here the chassis is complete. By Christmas night I’d finished this much of it An in-progress shot on Boxing Day A shot of the seven landing struts while they were in progress. It’d be very cool to get the Millenium Falcon and the Star Destroyer built together. The box was massive. Married to “the sweetie”, aka Stu. Work completed by the 27th – not much else has been done!

A shot of the seven landing struts while they were in progress. Eighteen hours of work.