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The North and South Pole magnets they are cosmic force, they hold together this earth and everything on it. The moon’s South end holds North Pole magnets the same as the earth’s South end.

In the first place all currents are alternating. Double Edwrd Magnetic Interaction:.

Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version)

I told you that the coil is a magnet during the time the currents are made, now I will show you. All my hanging magnets or compasses they never point to the earth’s magnetic pole, neither to the geographical pole. If possible have them from laminated iron. With the same winding if the North Pole field magnet eledskalnin been southside, and South edwrad field magnet northside, then the running of the currents would be reversed.

You made magnetic currents in three different ways, but in principle they all were made exactly in the same way. In case the inventor had used normally direct methods to find out what the electricity was he would have found out that the positive and negative electricity is in equal strength, and are running positive electricity against the negative electricity.

To do it the coil will have to approach and enter the U shape magnet, but when the coil reaches the middle of the U shape magnet the limit is there so the running of the currents stop.

Now we have those little North and South Pole individual magnets in the wire, but they are not running in the way we want. I have been tempering the other steel magnets, and have noticed that the harder the steel gets the smaller it becomes. When the magnets are running out of the middle of the earth, as soon as they meet an object they attract it, on account of the fact that in any object there is both kinds of magnets in it.

Take the coil away, approach again as soon as – the three-foot magnet begins to move away, then stop and mark the distance, then you will see how much strength the U shape magnet lost while you were pushing the coil in and halfway out, of the U shape magnet. So it shows the battery is irregular. This experiment indicates that the North and South Pole magnet currents we not only running from one terminal to the other, but are running around in an orbit and are not only running one time around, but are running many times wound until the North and South Pole individual magnets get thrown out of the wire by centrifugal force, and by crowding.



Magnetic current is the same as electric current is a wrong expression. How did the magnets get in there? This illustrates why magnetic currents in nature are alternating as Leedskalnin tells us. The individual North or South Pole magnets are then one one in the same with the only difference being their direcection of travel relative to one another. Take the light bulb off the coil, put the core in it, connect the coil with a loop that would reach six feet East from the U shape magnet.

You have been wondering why alternating currents can run so far away from their generators. It remains stationary in the middle, but the electron has to run around it. North and South pole magnets are only truly content when they are able to screw against each other. It also has the ability to reverse the direction of it’s forward movement degrees; yet always uses the same direction of axial rotation to propagate — to the right, when screwing in the direction of either pole.

The true leedskalbin of duality is a singularity. In my location at Rock Gate, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth Latitude and Eightieth and Eighty- first Longitude West, in three-foot long magnet the South Pole end is about peedskalnin sixteenth of an inch longer. They will not unite integrally like attracting magnets. As I said in the beginning, the North and South Pole magnets they are the cosmic force. Both North and South Pole individual magnet currents which came out of the car battery and went in the transformer were direct currents.

Use iron filings to test the rod if there is any magnets in the middle, and if there is the filings will cling to it. Take one piece of hard steel fishing wire, dip in iron filings and see there is no magnet in it.

To get direct currents we have to use a commutator. This also demonstrates the unipolar mechanics of the edwrad magnet and magnetic currents. You only got in the steel wire very small part of the magnets that came out of the copper wire. Now this permanent magnet can make other hard steel bars in permanent magnets but every magnet that it makes will be a weaker magnet than itself.


Now I will tell you edwarv magnetic current is. When you are making a magnet pole in the welding rod use U shape magnet. Durrent make magnets with currents from batteries and dynamos with a single wire the metal will have to be put on the wire in such a way so that the magnets which are coming out of the wire will be running in the metal starting from the middle of the metal and run to the leecskalnin and not from end to middle and across as they did this last time.

Transformers and generators of any description are making the currents in the same way by currejt the coil’s iron core with magnets and letting the iron core push them out and into the coil.

Leedskalnin’s Writings: MAGNETIC CURRENT

They only attract if they are running leedsmalnin kind against the other kind. Put U shape magnet one inch from loop, north pole south side of the loop.

To prove it you put five or six thin iron strips on edge, slant just so they will not flop over, now approach to leeedskalnin ends of those strips with a magnet and you will see they flop over, hold the strips magmetic little loose by the ends. This experiment shows that North and South Pole magnets are equal in strength and that the streams of individual magnets are running one kind of magnets against the other kind.

It was called cathode and the positive terminal anode, and the electricity that passed from the cathode to the anode was called electrons. The upper magnet will hang the way it is now, but the one below will turn around. Currents can be made with a single wire. This direct method is more reliable than the tricky method in the vacuum tube. Put the wire one end East, the other Leedskalbin. They hold together this earth and everything on it, and they hold together the moon, too.