Laurell K. Hamilton is a full-time writer and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series and the Merry Gentry series. Buy a cheap copy of The Lunatic Cafe book by Laurell K. Hamilton. The zombie- raising business gets slow in December, so Anita Blake is starting to see some. Vampire hunter and zombie animator Anita Blake is an expert at sniffing out the bad from the good. But in The Lunatic Cafe-now in trade paperback for the.

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Dating a werewolf with self-esteem issues is stressing Anita out. Ultimately, Ljnatic asks Richard to leave and revokes her invitation to Jean-Claude, forcing him from her apartment.

The Outlaw Demon Wails. The Lunatic Cafe Book 4.

Louis and Anita discuss whether Anita is emotionally capable of having a relationship with a werewolf, and Anita leaves.

Anita was an even bigger disappointment, relationship wise. There is absolutely no cuteness and sexiness in Buddy read with Jessica.

The Lunatic Cafe

Anita then goes to the hospital and questions the naga with Dolph. I think I liked it the least of all 4 that I have read so far.


I guess if the formula were a bit more interesting, I wouldn’t mind so much. There is no soft side with Anita and she is, in my opinion, cruel to her supposed love interest Richard.

The Lunatic Café

And I do like seeing all these kk mythological creatures appear. No it is not. So far, this was my least favorite book of the series. The Lunatic Cafe is the fourth in the Anita Blake: That novel ended on Halloweenand the events of The Lunatic Cafe take place before Christmas of that same year.

Looking into the werewolf subculture? She is threatened by the reaction, but Jean-Claude and Richard, each of whom are involved in power struggles, are intrigued by the possibilities. I keep imagining some acne afflicted kid at a renaissance fair. Ratings and Reviews 0 5 star ratings 0 reviews. ANY book from this series. Louisthe non-wolf shifters dispute his authority. So give me more world-building and less descriptions of Anita’s hideous outfits for crying out loud!

I was rooting for Richard in this book. How to write a great review. With the help of local caretaker and naturalist Sam Williams, Anita is able to convince Titus to grant her access to the scene.

Lick of Frost, A. But after awhile, I felt LKH lunatjc just tossing stuff at us to keep up the breakneck pace the entire events of this book occur in less than a week. We get to see some pretty bad humans in this one too which makes a change.


I mean Anita accepts a marriage proposal from a man well, a werewolf she really barely knows—and that becomes more and more obvious as the book progresses—and even though she has serious misgivings, they keep on as if they were actually going to go through with a wedding.

He offers not to kill Richard if Anita agrees to date both Richard and Jean-Claude for at least a few months, and Anita reluctantly agrees. Still a d She gave that rich, bedroom laugh again.

The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita realizes that the witches were responsible for some of the shapeshifter disappearances, but that there are still some unaccounted for disappearances, including Jason. Dude, the love llunatic in Twilight made more sense than this one. Anita makes stupid agreement. Anita is charmed that Richard likes musicals, but offput when she notices him watching theater patrons as if they were prey.