Urhobo and head words from English; Urhobo –English complex Code In this study, Urhobo is the matrix language while English is the. SIMILAR WORDS IN URHOBO AND UKWUANI LANGUAGE, For more data in general and to anyone that has to do with language planning”. world should evolve a more robust language planning policy towards the functional . Fulfulde, Igala, Ijaw, Kanuri, Nupe, tiv, and Urhobo. The.

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You can see that! Maybe you should update your ‘vast knowledge’ of them.

What data is here to analyse before we start talking of meta-analysis. These people have lived alongside the Ijaws for so long that it leaves much to marvel that they have not been acculturated by now. Udu This dialect is largely elusive.

Aboriginal speakers of the various dialects should contribute meaningfully to this thread by showing us some of the unique features of their dialects.

You definitely are the rabid lunatic stirring up bigotry urhbo Isoko are Urhobo and Ikwerre are Igbo. Burutu Shared with Ijaws Agbon speakers can say more on this 7.


Most also add Isoko to their arsenal. Anyone who knows anything about this subject knows the foremost authority is Kay Williamson http: Ikwerres being stuck in Eastern region with Igbos, we still actively agitated for a separate region. I doubt that very much because it has no place in anything we are talking about. A fake medicine seller is much better than a mad man who trolls Urhobo threads and stirs up tribalism, bigotry, invectives and what not.


If you want to learn Urhobo. Hence, I have decided to revamp this tradition with Nigeria’s minority and less known ethnic groups.

My Okpe people, please help me out here with some differences. This is your very first post. Theirs is an amalgam of Okpe, Agbon and Udu.

You also proved that Ikwerres are insultive and violent by your actions here. Keep your invectives in your tongue. So there is no argument. This study is a Contrastive Analysis of the morphological rules in Ukwuani and Agbarho. It is not impure planning se but it is slightly different and not perceivably shallow.

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However The term Igboid langugae introduced somewhere by someone for some reason. Igboid in Bendor-Samuel, J. It took a while but it came. Eghwo ghwo Eghwo ghwo. Maybe the people from Abraka can do more justice to this 8. We ko bi ruo.

Udu people please help me out. You don’t have to use invectives to make your points. I was actually plajning to Okpe and not Isoko. They are mainly bilinguals. The term “Igboid” is a term that unites all the BIA speaking group whether or not they are explcitly part of the Igbo ethnic umbrella. Background of lamguage Language can be studied in diverse dimensions.


Their version of Urhobo involves a lot of tongue twisting and tongue rolling. Secondly, the Igboid Ikwerre people have hijacked the thread, derailed it and made it about themselves. I understand how language trees work. Since this started you have been creating a wikipedia page? I have no doubt there were big enough sublanguages which if they had been if the forefront of contact with Europeans would have been used and so we may have been talking of Ngwaoid, Arooid or Ezzioid.

These variations manifest in the various Languafe clans and kingdoms.