La rebelión de Kronstadt by Alexander Berkman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. LA MALATESTA, Rústica. Book Condition: Nuevo. Dust Jacket Condition: Nuevo. La rebelión de Kronstadt de representa un antes y un después . Soldiers of the Red Army attack the island fortress of Kronstadt on the ice of the Gulf of Finland. Rebelión de Kronstadt Revolució Russa · Rebel·lió de Kronstadt · Història de la Unió Soviètica i la Rússia Usage on

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The appearance of this resolution demonstrates the close connections which existed between the movements of Petrograd and Kronstadt. Seeing that the present soviets do not express the wishes of the workers and peasants, to organise immediately re-elections to the Soviets with Secret vote, and with care to organise free electoral propaganda for all workers and peasants.

Views View Edit History. To equalize all the rations of all who kronwtadt with the exception of those employed in trades detrimental to health.

In such discussion the problem of Kronstadt can and must have a position worthy of it. It was too fe that this yarn was used only to discredit the Kronstadters in the eyes of the workers.

In contrast, the bureaucracy slandered their movement odiously, pretending that it was led by General Kozlovski. Russia in Revolution Avrich says this memorandum was probably written between January and early February by an agent of an exile opposition group called the National Centre in Finland. Vladimir Lenin stated that Kronstadt “lit up reality like a lightning flash”. It is not with accusations of this kind, which reek of bureaucratic arrogance, that a useful contribution can be made to the lessons of the great Russian revolution.

Stepán Maxímovich Petrichenko

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This restoration was demanded – in Opposition to Kronstadt – by the social democrats, who combined it with ce regime of political democracy. Bakan says “[t]he document includes remarkably detailed information about the resources, personnel, arms and plans of the Kronstadt rebellion.

Krivitsky meant that by the decision to destroy the Kronstadt sailors, and by its cold-blooded action in doing so, Communism had made the choice that changed it from benevolent socialism to malignant fascism. The Ninth and Tenth Congresses of the Communist Party, as lz as the intervening year passed beneath the auspices of this new policy.


When I rebelio him, inin the Leningrad prison, he had just spent the previous eight years in the Solovietski islands.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Editor Richard Crossman said in kronstat book’s introduction: Part of the left-wing uprisings against the Bolsheviks and the Russian Civil War.

More than anyone else, Trotsky should furnish a new appreciation of the initiative taken at Krronstadt. The correspondence between Trotsky and Wendelin Thomas one of the leaders of the revolt in the German Navy inand a member of the American Committee of Enquiry into the Moscow Trials regarding the historical significance of the events in Kronstadt inhas given rise to widespread international discussion.

Summary [ edit ] Description Kronstadt attack. The experience of the degeneration of the Russian Revolution places anew before the conscience of international socialism an extremely important sociological problem.

Russian Revolution of Category: Against this background of discontent, Lenin concluded that world revolution was not imminent; in the spring of he replaced War Communism with his New Economic Policy.

In Februarymore than peasant uprisings took place. Lenin and the Russian Revolution. Rdbelion from ” https: Actually, the men of Kronstadt honestly desired, as comrades, to discuss the questions at issue with the representatives of the government.

Moreover, whether the Memorandum played a part in the revolt can be seen from the reactions of the White “National Centre” to the uprising. The repression of Kronstadt, the suppression of the democracy of workers and soviets by the Russian Communist party, the elimination of the proletariat from the management of industry, and the introduction of the NEP, already signified the death of the Revolution.

Public domain Public domain false false. Retrieved from ” https: The Methods of Struggle The Kronstadt workers pursued revolutionary aims in struggling against the reactionary tendencies of the bureaucracy, and they used clean and rebdlion methods. One can, in rebeljon, oppose it as well to the Stalin regime ofas to that of Lenin in Altogether, the Russian Revolution poses in an entirely new way the problem of the mechanism of the socialist revolution.

File:Kronstadt – Wikimedia Commons

Although there are no reliable figures for rebel battle losses, kronstast estimate that from 1,—2, rebellon were executed after the revolt and a similar number were jailed, many in the Solovki prison camp.


The Kronstadt rebellion Russian: Lenin rigidly carried it through, Trotsky sang its praises. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added revelion the digital camera, dd, or software program used to create or digitize it.

The Black Hundreds were an ultranationalist paramilitary organization in late Tsarist Russia, whose members had opposed any retreat from Tsarist autocracy. Kronstadt rebellion Black and white photographs in the s. It is estimated that the total output of mines and factories in was 20 percent of the pre-World War I level, with many crucial items suffering an even more drastic decline.

He was a non-party worker in Petrograd inwhom I knew in the political isolator at Verkhne-Uralsk as a Trotskyist. Would it be possible today to disgrace and Suppress the leaders of October without krknstadt slightest protest from the people, if these leaders had not already by armed force silenced the Kronstadt sailors and the workers all over Russia?

The depth of principle which animates this resolution is shown by the fact that it is still to a great kronstwdt applicable. After the October Revolution, “Black Hundreds” became a term of abuse for real and imagined anti-communists. Their aid had been decisive Suppression of the Kronstadt mutiny. The Russian Revolution New York: We shall not content ourselves, like Trotsky, with simple declarations, so we submit to readers the resolution which served as a programme for the Kronstadt movement.

The Kronstadt resolution pronounced in favour of the defence of the workers, not only against the bureaucratic capitalism of the State, but also against the restoration of private capitalism. The book The God That Failed contains Louis Fischer ‘s definition of “Kronstadt” as the moment in which l or fellow travelers decide not just to leave the Communist Party but to oppose it as anti-communists.