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Persuasion and the Construction of Power. In the same discourse Mujica says: Moreover, his rhetorical style which asserts a connection to history, positions him within the oratorical traditions of Uruguayans.

In the second stage, the speeches were compared and contrasted and taken as a macrostructure whose diachronic evolution revealed continuities and ruptures analysis of multiple-addressees, invariant nucleus of values, paradigmatic 11 enunciations and symbolic communication. Said interpretation accentuated the Uruguayan ethos 4 with its orecchion character, sentiment, and guiding beliefs.

At a conceptual level, this construction of image is of interest given the nexus that exists between the ethos and the reflexive nature of enunciation. Persuasion and the Construction of Power The five speeches belong to each of these discursive strategiesused by Mujicato expand his domestic and foreign persuasive influence.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun Kerbrat-Orecchioni.jpg

In his search for consensus, he demonstrated a deep understanding of their particular interests and created diverse communication models for each audience, while adjusting to that understanding. To achieve the objective of transferring his worldview to these increasingly wider circles of recipient co-enunciators of his narrative, Mujica builds an image of himself, intuitively following a theoretical formulation: Whenever necessary, his public speeches displayed changes in register and style: The fifth speech D5, is a foreign institutionalization strategy directed at businessmen and other international players.


Chasteen, John Charles Mujica presents himself to the country as a guarantor of democracy. Ediciones la Banda Oriental.

La subjetividad en el discurso político del presidente Mujica: la construcción de su relato

We Tupamaros have differences, even amongst the Old Guard. Therestricted sense analyzes the traces a speaker leaves in his utterances, whereas the extended sensegives consideration to the participants, the situation, the spatiotemporal conditions and the general conditions of message production and reception Kerbrat-Orecchioni. The discursive strategies Mujicausesare as follows: Mujica takes distance from his listeners when he differentiates himself from them.

Therefore, each milestone corresponds to a new stage in the construction of political al. The paradigmatic plane forms a vertical and invisible kerbratt which travels through the syntagmatic plane and guides its deeper meaning.

He demonstrated his comprehension of social power and enunfiacion to the establishment, and respected itsrole in Uruguayan society. Domestic Institutionalization Strategy D4, Los hermanos Saravia y su frontera insurgente. The struggle for power starts at the core of his political group and gradually extends outwards with time.

Charlando con Pepe Mujica.

This direct communication style allowed him to build bridges with three of the most important sectors of society: Her approach is outlined in figure eenunciacion. The same applies to verbs and adverbs, which also connote subjectivity.

A theoretical framework was developed combining two other theories to reinforce Enunciation Theory,which was insufficient to analyze the social inscriptions of discourse: Our two old traditional parties by no means deserve disdain, because if we scorn them it is because we ignore the true essence of this country.


Conclusions The core objective of this study was to prove, through an in-depth emblematic case in political communication, how discourse analysis can contribute to the comprehension of the phenomenon of politics, while developing a theoretical approach for the analysis of other political discourse corpora. A la vuelta de la esquina: The third speech D3, displays an ownership-seeking strategy for the joint action of the entire Uruguayan Left in the enunciaion.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun – Wikimedia Commons

These milestones clearly emerge from his political biography and identify the moments when he earned positions of power. Pepe Mujica el presidente: Hence, enunciacino is conceivedas an interactional activity. The concept of subjectivity was introduced into linguistics by Benveniste who writes: This article develops an analytical framework based on three theoretical approaches for the analysis and interpretation of a corpus of speeches.

Constituyente piso 6 rucp cienciassociales. The fourth milestone corresponds to the presidential address of 1 March D4, The negotiations made by Mujica in this discursive space confrontation and persuasion and the evolution of his proto-theory were analyzed. He gave the press and the radio direct access to his private and political life, offering informal and spontaneous interviews that brought him the sympathy of media.

His first discourse contains his philosophical stance on life and a reflection on his years in prison: