Shihan ni rei, Bow to the karate master. Shinzen ni rei, Bow to show respect for the dojo. Sensei ni rei, Bow to the karate teacher. Sempai ni rei, Bow to the karate . Terminology for Beginners. If you are new to Kyokushin, it may seem difficult to understand what’s going on. But don’t worry, everyone started out feeling exactly . West Island Karate and Karaté de L’Île are Kyokushin Karate schools in Beaconsfield and Île-Perrot on the west island of Montreal, General Terminology.

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Get into position, prepare.

Terminology for Beginners

A formal title meaning master instructor or teacher of teachers. I believe that Shihan John Taylor’s Kata Manuals are a unique tool to standardise Kata throughout IKO Matsushima, plus it can be used as a way of retention for our students with its turn key approach to learning ‘ Kyokushin Karate Kata ‘ and ‘ Kyokushin Karate terminology’.

Haito Omote Yoko – Uchi. The book is so complete, that I am mandating that all yerminology have their very own copy. Uraken Mawashi – Uchi.

Shotei Chudan Soto – Uke. Haito Mawashi Hizo – Uchi. Referee asks the decision of the judges. Shuto Hizo – Uchi. Inverted-Fist Strike to the Spleen. Uchi Hachi Ji Dachi. Jodan Yoko – Geri. Haito Mae Gedan – Uchi. Hiji Oshiro – Uchi.


Glossary of Kyokushin Karate Terms | The Martial Way

The whole Kanku is enclosed by a circle, symbolizing continuity and circular action. The event was no doubt the greatest karate tournament ever held in Australia and it is with great excitement that we are now able to bring to you the high quality video of the tournament on DVD.

Chudan Yoko – Geri. Seiken Jodan – Uke. The newly printed syllabus comes in two parts booklets.

Karate Terminology

A student junior to oneself. Uraken Hizo – Uchi. Shotei Gedan – Uke.

Nunchaku Nihon Sono Ichi. The thick sections at the sides represent the wrists, symbolizing power. Morote Kake – Uke. In this kata, the hands are raised and the fingers meet to form an opening through which the sky is viewed. Prescribed sequences of techniques performed with specific rhythm and timing KI kee: There are three weight divisions light, middle and heavy for both male and female contestants.

A sign of respect, trust, and appreciation. In karate training students learn that the kiai is a meams of developing endurance and spirit whilst performing kihon, kata and kumite. It is the best kata training guide available. A must buy for every practising student of Kyokushin Karate.


Shuto Morote Chudan Uchi- Uke. Shuto Mawashi – Uke. Shihan Yerminology kata manual is a long over-due book that every Kyokushin instructor and student should own and use to compliment any serious training for kata. Hiji Jodan – Uke. Shuto Yoko – Uchi. Grades 8 to 1 – all color belts.

Morote Chudan Soto – Uke. My adult classes now have the materials they need to keep them on track. The kiai in it’s basic form is a shout which is used to emphasise and ,arate courage, character, power, endurance and breath control. Ready both mentally and physically YAME ya-may: The center circle represents the opening between the hands through which the sky is viewed, symbolizing infinite depth.

Sune Gedan Mawashi – Geri.

Karate Terminology – Black Belt Wiki

Tobi Oshiro – Geri. Uraken Shomen – Uchi. Indicates respect, acknowledgement, willingness and readiness to follow. Shin meaning “Truth” or “Reality”.

Tobi Mae – Geri. Seiken Jodan – Tsuki. Uraken Sayu kyokuhsin Uchi. It is made from the three Japanese characters: Turn into position YOI yoh-ee: Shuto Jyuji Gedan – Uke.