Samaysaar – is one of the few works, of this greatest of ascetics, that have survived the passage of time. Samaysaar’s main purpose is to. Granth samaysaar- the most famous scripture of Jain mythology, was written by Acharaya Kundkund, about years ago. Acharya Kundkund is taken in high. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Acharya, ioned.

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Experiencing the innate supreme bliss of the Self, and abjuring all viewpoints, he does not absorb even an iota of any viewpoint Self-realization is free from all expressions of viewpoints.

Psychical modifications are of various kinds and they are modes exclusively of the Self. Take a look at the kinds of fear that we entertain: Ik ls gksrs gSa rks bl dkj.

The knower does not long even for liberation, therefore, the question of his having desire for alien substances does not arise. In reality, only one person in the whole entourage kunddkund the king. As declared by the Omniscient Lord, right conduct gets obstructed by passions. Only when the knowledgeable Self is away from the pure, transcendental point of view, he gets caught up in psychic states pertaining to attachment etc.

It is so because the object of scriptural knowledge is to procure self- realisation, which alone is the cause of internal and eternal peace and happiness and of shedding off of the karmas which hinder soul from attaining its full and perfect status.

One such valuable gem that I could lay my hands on, about a decade-and-a-half ago, was that amazingly comprehensive yet precise treatise The Key of Knowledge 4, by Shri Champat Rai Jain. The book, first published inkund,und to its title, has timeless pearls of wisdom in each of its plus pages; one has only to have patience, and develop appreciation and understanding to pick them up.


The life-span of a living being is determined by his life- determining samayasar this has been declared by the Kundkun Lord. This is a Karaoke based application for Dhal 1 of Chhahdhala. As such, the soul is the creator as far as its own attributes are concerned, but not the creator of all the attributes that are due to its association with karmic matter.

Karmas send the Self to sleep and, likewise, he is awakened by the karmas. Shree Kundkund-Kahan Parmarthik Trust. This has been declared by the Omniscient Lord and, therefore, O bhavya — potential aspirant to liberation! Log In Sign Up.

Divya Dhvani Prakashak: Samaysaar-by Kundkund Acharya

Printed on Art Paper! The karmic bondage should be discarded and samayzaar pure soul ought to be realized. However, the Self devoid of such psychic modes is free from bondage; he is of the nature of the knower. The Self with the attribute of attachment suffers bondage of karmas, and the one with the attribute of non-attachment detachment sheds his karmas.

Publisher – Shree Simandhar Kundkund Kahan Aadhyatmik Trust, Rajkot

Only the attainment of Self that is free from all attachments is not easy. Still others regard the soul as the quasi-karmic iundkund nokarma. When this happens, the Self becomes a wrong believer, so let it be known. O bhavyas potential aspirants to liberation!

But external insignia cannot lead to liberation as the Omniscient Lords, discarding all external symbols, and giving up attachment to body itself, only get immersed in right faith, knowledge, and conduct. This is a Karaoke based application for Dhal 4 of Chhahdhala. No other beings can give you life-determining karma, then, how have they given you life?

Thus, the knowledgeable Self realizes the true nature of the Self, while the ignorant, being camouflaged by nescience, gets associated with impure psychic states such as attachment. If you believe that the soul undergoes emotional modification of anger on its own accord, then it will be false to say that the karmic matter of anger causes emotional modification of anger in the soul.


The previously bonded samaysaae transform from being unfit for enjoyment, to fit for enjoyment.

Therefore, knowledge is one thing and taste another; this has been proclaimed by the Omniscient Lord. Know that so long as the Self does not follow renunciation and repentance, of physical and psychical dispositions, till then he is the causal agent of the karmas. The seven kinds of fear are enumerated as: The Self is responsible for these — yoga and upayoga. Therefore, knowledge is one thing and touch another; this has been proclaimed by the Omniscient Lord.

Non-repentance and non-renunciation are also of two kinds each — physical and psychical.

Samayasāra – Wikipedia

He has won over passions like attachment, observes stringent austerities, both external and internal, and endures kujdkund with fortitude and equanimity. The stickiness of oil applied on his body is the reason for him attracting dust particles; know for sure that this attraction is not due to his bodily actions.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Similarly, the knower also when he, on his own, discards his knowledge-character and dwells into ignorance, it acquires nescience. But the man who does not commit crimes, roams around in the midst of people without fear of getting caught and arrested. It must be understood that knowledge is not separate from the knower.

Gurudevshree Pravachan shastra oundkund Lectures by Gurudevshree word to word. Bahenshree Gnani Pratishtha by Pu.

The psychological effect of fear is terrible, beyond description. These state when soul achieves purity is Arihant and Siddha. Shree Samaysaar – Samaysaar Dohan.