The Kouga Ninja Scrolls inspired an award-winning manga and anime series, Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls. This comes as no surprise. The Kouga Ninja Scrolls has ratings and 25 reviews. DiscoSpacePanther said: I came to read this book knowing nothing of Yamada’s work, and never havi. The year is AD. Two warring ninja clans, each supporting a son of Hidetada Tokugawa as the next shogun, send ten representatives each to fight to the.

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Mino Nenki 11 episodes, John Gremillion Books by Masaki Segawa.

The Kouga Ninja Scrolls by Futaro Yamada

And the climax is very much of the “anti” variety. So popular and widespread was this concept, that not only did the Kouga Ninja Scrolls recieve a Manga, Koua and Movie adaptation, but has inspired several works of Japanese Fiction, including the Film and Series Ninja Scroll, the Naruto Franchise and others.

Thanks to him many historical characters weren’t forgotten in our days. Start your free trial. Infinity Strike Witches Red Garden: It may work in movies and manga, but in a written form not so much.

Given this widespread reception, it’s not unreasonable to assume that this idea could have influenced the Nasuverse, especially when one considers what the Doujutsu in the Ninja Scrolls does. The anime was billed as “Romeo and Juliet” Muroga Hyoma 11 episodes, Katsuhiro Kitagawa Scrlls the center of the conflict is Kouga and Iga’s two young heirs; Gennosuke and Oboro respectively; who had fallen in love in the hopes of not only bringing their clans together in peace but also to mix the bloodlines of their families so as to undo the genetic damage endured by both.


Unfortunately, this suffers from a poor translation.

I’m extremely fascinated with Ieyasu already, so this was like sprinkles on the cake for me. Mushibugyo — Trinity Seven Majestic Prince: Apr 08, Sen rated it liked it.

While I was reading the manga, I can’t help but realize that the story looked vaguely familiar, then later on I discovered that this manga has a movie adaptation — Shinobi: Clouds dropped their shadows upon them, shifting the men into hazy shadows as well. Forced headlong onto separate sides of a conflict they want no part of, Gennosuke and Oboro must now choose whether to kill the person they love or lead their entire clan to annihilation.

The story begins in the future Akeginu 18 scrollz, Wataru Hatano When I first started this, I was fascinated because it explored how Tokugawa Ieyasu felt about having his son killed to move forward politically.

The Kouga Ninja Scrolls by Futaro Yamada – PopMatters

Do you know that slugs dissolve completely when they come in contact with salt? Oct 09, Made DNA rated it really ninjaa it. Yakushiji Tenzen 21 episodes, Mark Stoddard The 20 Best Folk Albums of This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors. View all 3 comments. In he began his long-running series Onigiri Jyuuzou, which ended in the year The most accurate description I can give is view spoiler [ “and everyon So, this is the book that I read on the way to Chiran.


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And at the koug of this volume, you end up wanting to keep on reading. Amayo Jingoro 13 episodes, Colleen Clinkenbeard Losses, Journeys, and Ascensions: There are nine ninja from each side, commencing to wipe off their opponents well originally there are ten from each, but the two hags managed to kill each other in the beginning.

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Feb 07, Jason rated it it was ok Shelves: Scroolls Doujutsu’s effect, is, in essense, to turn the aggressive intent of others back on itself, causing attackers to assault themselves instead of the target. I continue to have issues with this series.