best), an adventure (such as Keep on the Shadowfell), and dice. .. When you earn enough XP to level up, the character sheet explains what. tions allow you to set Keep on the Shadowfell in the Eberron campaign Feel free to download the character sheets and offer them as. To put it bluntly, they hated the characters. They did not like the character sheets, and had a difficult time finding simple stuff like what their attack bonus for their.

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Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: By the second combat the Fighter was making full use of his presence and the ability to make Opportunity Attacks against an opponent who shifts into or out of his threat range, allowing him to more easily dispatch with the oj annoyances, or more importantly to do even more damage in one round. From reading the rest of the module, it looks like this thing is going to be amazingly fun!

The cleric in this module has a LOT more healing, and I was very glad to see that. It’s hard not to buy in to a bit shadowfelll expectant excitement, though.

One such realm is the Shadowfell. Post by Keith Davies What is ‘the ghostwalker’? So sorry to disappoint you, but what more were you expecting from the character sheets? Does the fighter getting a new crushing blow at 3rd mean that they can do 2 a day now? Cure Light Wounds just heals you, just like a spell should.

Some things to add: References to trademarks and copywritten material are included for review and commentary use only and are not intended as any kind of challenge.


Keep on the Shadowfell preview characters That the system seems to keep working two levels up from level 1. Last edited by Morty; at Avatar by Ashen Lilies.

This also includes powers for level 2 and 3 that we have not previously seen. Pick Up Game i. Welcome to exception-based design. Not to mention his abilities to incite faith healing and more free shifting to kobolds around him and a decent breath weapon, and this encounter ended up being more fun than the first.

Sunday, 19th August, Want to join this game? Keep on the Shadowfell preview characters Less new stuff than I expected. It actually breaks at level 7 Charwcter 5 with Artificers.

Wednesday, 5th March, We only had a few hours, so we really only got through the sheers encounter. Just for gits and shiggles. From the 5 people that played the preview last night One example we were given from a playtest group was someone facing an enemy who was standing on a table. The other, my personal favorite so far, is a Gluepot attack which he managed to successfully use to snare the Fighter at a safe distance.

With 4th, the characters actually have powers which mechanically function like these cool moves. Sgadowfell is not a problem with the module so much a feature of it being a preview and the system not being released yet.

Session Report & Review: Keep on the Shadowfell (Part 1) — Critical Hits

I am on the lookout. Tuesday, 26th October, Szonye Yes, the bloodied condition is brilliant, because it’s a clear milestone for the players, offsetting the fact that actual defeats come later. Some Guy Keep on the Shadowfell character sheet scans. Contact The Staff Critical Hits staff can be reached via the contact information on shhadowfell individual staff pages and in their articles.

  ICE 2B265 PDF

Szonye While standard foes are much harder to defeat, I find that the bloodied condition is nearly as rewarding for the players. Our friend DrScotto was the Wizard, actually, and he started with the name Limon I have no idea and clearly that dictated what the other name needed to be. Decades of peace followed, and the village of Winterhaven arose within sight of the keep. I am now going to begin blaming everything that goes wrong on Charity.

I have not had a chance to test or play much as I am still getting the party together. Originally Posted by Lilly. They can’t possibly know the tastes of a player. Unfortunately the rest of the kobolds were dead and the party made short work of him as well. We used the pre-gen chars. We get sent a lot of email, so we can’t promise we’ll be able to respond to everything.

Keep On The Shadowfell

Last edited by Charity; at Originally Posted by Khuxan. All times are GMT Hmm they are basically sorcerers now, but probably with even less spells known compared to 3. Pre-generated characters will always suck regardless of game. So they completely lost their “learn from scrolls and prepare what you wish” flavor.