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This book of Potana is known for its excellent narrative style and the art of khancam. This solitary life has led him to address all the verses to himself, which, if this be not recollected, certainly looks like the grossest egotism.

Nannaya is acclaimed as the Adi Kavi or the first poet of Telugu literature. Appa Rao blazed a new ttail in play-writing as also in poetry and short story Kanyasulkam Bride-Price is one of his outstanding plays.

Major linguistic changes in phonological, morphological, grammatical and syntactical levels, from Proto-Dravidian to old Telugu and from old Telugu to Modern Telugu. It was very easy ordering from the website. Racha konda Visswanatha Sastry-Alpajaeevi. Madhurantakam Rajaram as a writer comments on people’s weaknesses, strengths, noble and mean qualities. He writes novels, plays, essays and lyrics besides short stories.

His poetry took an amazing leap and astounding depth when he wrote the Desa Charitralu History of Nations. N Sastry was a poet, novelist, dramatist, essayist, critic and translator. Balanagayyasetti was fortunate to publish this famous classic, the Neetichandrika, and above all we are more fortunate to read it.

The number, however, that I have succeeded in collecting is He was considered to be a natural scholar sahaja panditha without a teacher.


కాశీ ఖండము : శ్రీనాథుడు : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Sri Gurajada Apparao was a social reformer, poet, writer, philosopher, and a friend. It is one and the only book in Telugu in which dedication and preface were written in English there may be others in existence, but they mushroomed afterwards. Known for the landmark anthology Mahaprasthanam The Great MarchSrinivasarao was a pioneer of the progressive poetry in Telugu.

The uniqueness of his novels is that each novel has a great poet as its central character.

Bammera Potana 15th century: He prefers first person narration in many of the stories perhaps to bring the story near to the reader. This is the first psychological novel in Telugu literature. Vemana having written the Tadbhava word guramu for gruhamu a house, the copyists in defiance of metre and meaning have gurramu, a horse. This practice is far indeed from being peculiar to Vemana.

Sir William Jones has remarked on Panini that “since grammar is only an instrument, and not the end of true knowledge, there can be little occassion to travel so rough and gloomy a path. Syntax-Major divisions of Telugu sentences-simple, complex and compound sentences-Noun and verb predications-Processes of nominlization and relativization-Direct and indirect reporting-conversion processes. She has published around 40 novels and 10 short story collections. Appa Rao blazed a new ttail in play-writing as also in poetry and short story Kanyasulkam Bride-Price is one of his outstanding plays.

I ordered a book for my mother and it came within a few days from India to NYC!! Gonabudda Reddy is known for his Ranganatha Ramayanam which is a pioneering work on the theme of Ramayana in Telugu.

Kasi Khandam- కాశీ ఖండము Telugu Book By Malladi Sri Hari Sastry

Rayaprolu is hailed as one of the pioneers of modern Telugu literature. Sri Brahmanda Purana Kannada. He has about 50 works khadnam poetry to his credit. Gonabudda Reddy is known for his Ranganatha Ramayanam which is a pioneering work on the theme of Ramayana in Telugu.


Narayanacharya was a front-ranking classical poet, literary critic, composer, musicologist, translator and polyglot. They are convincing and realistic khandzm help us have an insight into human nature because of the magic touch of the author.

Poetry of the East appears in the third volume of the Asiatic Researches It was the harbringer of modernism of Telugu literature.

Most of Telugu literature begins with this massive epic transcreated by these three great sage-scholars. He left no genre of literature untouched. Many verses, however, prove satisfactorily that he wrote in the latter part of the 17th century when the Mohamedans were governors of that part of Kwsi. Shiva Purana in Kannada Set of 9 Volumes.

And I will also let everyone that I know, at every opportunity, how great your business and service has been for me. Gonabudda Reddy 13th century: Sri Chinnayasoori wrote the baala vyaakaranamu in a new style after doing extensive research on “Andhra Grammar” which is the greatest gift to all of us. Evolution of prabandhas-Kavya and prabandha. As always, I can count on Exotic India to find treasures not found in stores in my area.

The style of this khanram some other parts renders it easier to translate the verses into Latin than into English. Sri Gurajada wrote the “Kanyasulkam” in for an excellent cause – social reformism. I have been very pleased with all the items. I have, however, left none in Latin that appeared to deserve an English one.