Micros offers: Varistor JVRN K – Varistor voltage V; e 95VAC; VDC; power W; tol. 10% (1/us) – J. Check to make sure the withstanding surge current of the varistor is sufficient. • Check whether the . ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü ü. 10 Φ JVR VARISTOR. VARISTORS JVR.. NR ZINC OXIDE VARISTOR:Varistor Voltage from 18 to V. Varistor Voltage. Diameter. 11, I.,. I. ~«~~:/2%a. -.

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Electrical components Resistive components. Western Electric 3B varistor made in for use as click suppressor in telephone sets.

Varistor – Wikipedia

Contact Details Assessed Supplier. In particular, a MOV device provides no protection for the connected equipment from sustained over-voltages that may result in damage to that equipment as well as to the protector device. When a large voltage is applied, the diode junction breaks down due to a combination of thermionic emission and electron tunnelingand a large current flows. Shenzhen Hwalon Electronic Co. A catastrophic failure occurs from not successfully limiting a very large surge from an event like a lightning strike, where the energy involved is many orders of magnitude greater than the varistor can handle.

To protect telecommunication lines, transient suppression devices such as 3 mil carbon blocks IEEE C The probability of catastrophic failure can be reduced by increasing the rating, or using specially selected MOVs in parallel. Dongguan Tianrui Electronic Co.

The mass of randomly oriented grains is electrically equivalent to a network of back-to-back diode pairs, each pair in parallel with many other pairs.


It varistoe the diode-like behavior in both directions of current flow. MOVs degrade from repeated exposure to surges [19] and generally have a higher “clamping voltage” so that leakage does not degrade the MOV. For historical reasons, many MOVs have been incorrectly specified allowing frequent swells to also degrade capacity.

In the s, small multiple-varistor assemblies of a maximum dimension of less than one inch and apparently indefinite useful lifetime found application in replacing bulky electron tube circuits as modulators and demodulators in carrier current systems for telephonic transmission.

These varistors were constructed by layering an even number of rectifier disks in a stack and connecting the terminal ends and the center in an anti-parallel configuration, as shown in the photo of a Western Electric Type 3B varistor of June below.

Tme has over employees, vraistor provide expert support at each stage of the ordering process our offer includeselectronic components from producers sincewe have been expanding our operations dynamically and increasing our global potential. Maximum rated energy typical clamping wattage us capacitance voltage j 1khz acrms.

Grisdale in the early s was used to guard telephone lines from lightning.

Metal Oxide Varistor – JOYIN CO., LTD.

A user may have no indication when the surge suppressor has failed. Ningbo Zhongxincheng Electronics Co.

The response time of the MOV is not standardized. Jvr 25nkpu5l metal oxide varistor 25mm, large size, high surge. There are several issues to be noted regarding behavior of transient voltage surge suppressors TVSS incorporating MOVs under over-voltage conditions.

Diesel engine parts,Generator set parts,Construction equipment parts,Agriculture equipment parts,Aerial work platform parts. Yueqing Hecheng Electrical Co. Under the right conditions of over-voltage and line impedance, it may be possible to cause the MOV to burst into flames, [17] the root cause of many fires [18] and the main reason for NFPA’s concern resulting in UL in and subsequent revisions in and Articles to be expanded from September All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles with unsourced statements from September Commons category link is on Wikidata Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers Wikipedia articles with NDL identifiers.


The main parameter affecting varistor life expectancy is its energy Joule rating. Varistor 7d 10d Supplier. Film Capacitor,Ceramic Capacitor, Varistor.

Varistors can fail for either of two reasons. MOVs tend to be more suitable for garistor voltages, because they can conduct the higher associated energies at less cost.

JVR series

When a small or moderate voltage is applied across the electrodes, only a tiny current flows, caused by reverse leakage through the diode junctions.

A varistor remains non-conductive as a shunt -mode device during normal operation when the voltage across it remains well below its “clamping voltage”, thus varistors are typically used for suppressing line voltage surges.

Jcr life-expectancy charts relate currentseverity, and number of transients to make failure predictions based on the total energy dissipated over the life of the part.