ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY. TFIS^ATRE GUILD. *JUNO A|.lD THE PAYCOCK”. BY. SEAN O’CASEY. AT THE I{UT. Monday. May 3l. Tuesday – — June 1. Wedrcday. Title. Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey. Author. O’Casey, Sean, Availability. Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons. We need this text in an online format (preferrably not split but in one piece).’ and find homework help for other Juno and the Paycock questions at eNotes.

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Well, ever since I shoved in the blankets I’ve been perishing with th’ cowld, an’ I’ve decided, if I’ll be too hot in th’ nex’ world aself, I’m not goin’ to be too cowld in this wan; an’ consequently, I want me three pouns, if you please. The bitther word agen, Mary. Carryin’ that from Henry Street was no joke. I’ve lost me arm, an’ me hip’s desthroyed so that I’ll never be rext to walk right agen! Anr pocketing the money given by Boyi. Boyle to her chair, and Mary to the sofa.


Madiqan goes back to Mary, and again puts a sheUeri’ng arm round her. Glentleman Jack in his frieze coat.

[OTA] Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

They carry revolvers in their hands. For instance, she would help a neighbour’s stok child ; she would probably kill the child, but her intentions. An’ I’m goin’ to tell you, Mr. A payckck of dejection, mingled with uncertain anxietyis on her face. He is a man of about 60 ; stout, grey-haired and stocky.

Boyle turns, runs to door r. Tancred, before you go.

She has her rights — there’s no one denyin’ it, but haven’t I me rights too? What does he want me for? I don’t know, mother. But religions is passin’ away — they’ve had their day like everything else. An’ what was he himself, only a school teacher?

That’s betther iuno betther; ah, God never shut wan door but he opened another! Mary enlers with Cuarlte Bentuam ; he is a young man of 25, tall, good-looking, with a very high opinion of himself generally. Boyle goes to alcove, backstage l.

Full text of “Juno And The Paycock()”

Then payycock marry her, he’ll have to marry her! Sit down, Joxer, sit down. J oxer remains behind table, a look of surprised sorrow on his face. Ah, a cup o’ tay’s a darlin’ thing, a daaarlin’ thing — the cup that cheers but doesn’t.


Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

What in the name o’ God brought you out on the roof; what were you doin’ there? Not like some of the dhressed-up dolls that’s knockin’ about lookin’ for men when it’s a skelpin’ they want. Boyle poking fire viciously. I’m goin’ now; come on, Mary. That’s what has you as you are — you can’t bear to be spoken to.

A fortune, father, a fortune I Johnny. payock

Boyle and puls her arms round her. She vigorously replaces the pan and the sausages in the presSy arui returns to fire. Well, we all have to die some day. Bentham, you’ll have to have a wet.