I grew up in the fifties, with a mother whose expectations for me didn’t go beyond wanting me to be a good girl. She urged me to get a college degree in. Wifey by Judy Blume – book cover, description, publication history. Judy Blume’s novel Wifey is not her usual fare. Obviously as an adult fiction book it is automatically set apart from how we all knew her in our.

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Sep 27, Arminius rated it it was amazing Shelves: And then we had dessert. Wifey is on a journey, and even though she picks up men and soaks up their boys on the way, she does ultimately make discoveries about herself and her choices in life.

Throughout the story, I kept thinking of the narrator as older. Wifey Judy Blume Snippet view – My mother was a good woman, but her dreams for me were based on her own. The New York Times. Everyone in my office is talking about 50 Shades of Grey.

Wifey (novel) – Wikipedia

When that doesn’t work out for every reason that you knew it wouldn’t, he loves his wife, can’t abandon his family, why can’t they just have this relationship on the side? I would much rather read about sexual frustration than the pressing need to buy another pair of overpriced shoes. Everywhere she turns she’s controlled and it’s frustrating, especially at the end when you see that’s just the way it is, and was, for women of the times then. She fantasizes about her first love, Shep, as she doubts her decision to marry Norm.


You’re 33 and married with two kids and dudes from all over want to bone you? Ah, what Mother never knew! She urged me to get a college degree in education in case, God forbid, I ever had to go to work.

My jufy Help Advanced Book Search. Like most of Blumes stuff it’s completely character-focused rather than plot-filled.


The Baggage of Blumeness: Two Rioters Do WIFEY

I finished this book this afternoon and disappointed to say the least. I really enjoy reading steaming sexy stories. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So, I guess it was one “good girl”‘s realization that she was trapped in a loveless marriage for the sake of security and appearances while she realized all of highly repressed sexualit I read this for last book club.

So I messaged Rebecca one day to ask if she had sneak-read Wifeyand she backed-up my theory, and we were off to the races. She starts by looking up Plot Summary: Sandy vaulted past him into the next room. I can’t imagine reading this book as a teenager! Before she really had a chance to figure out all the consequences for herself, it felt so good that she was having a such a good time that she finds herself laughing toward the end I never mind when there is sex in my books.

However, mudy characters were also multi-faceted, and my feelings about them changed several times throughout the book. In the introduction, Judy Blume explains that she left her marriage and took her two kids away and sat down after being a best selling children’s author and wrote this book. Titles such as “Are You There, God? She couldn’t decide what to do.

From inside the book. Slap us in the face as if to say “Hey look, this is NOT a kid’s book”? Jul 14, Eh?

Sandy sucked in a shaky breath. Overall, it’s an interesting story about self-realization and relationships. It was a quick read. More hudy 80 million copies of her books have been sold, and her work has been translated into jidy languages. So, I guess it was one “good girl”‘s realization that she was trapped in a loveless marriage for the sake of security and appearances while she realized all of highly repressed sexuality was busting out all around her.

What was weird that the narrator was so insecure that whoever wanted to have sex with her, she did not think of, hmm he is so ugly”No she worried about getting pregnant.


During a sexual encounter, Wifey lays there and describes a ” cock dancing inside me. This is as close to a romance novel as Blumee will ever get even though it was pretty spectacular. Sandy tried to squirm away. But this wifet no children’s book!

At that time, this book was nudy, and shockingly sexual. While I was reading this book, I started indulging in little fantasies. Which is a fair question, I think. A quick smutty read. I longed to taste freedom and adventure, I longed to discover what was out there and to write about it. This whole book is a stifled scream. You know if someone like Nora Ephron made this book into a movie, Sandy would kick Norman to the curb at the end, steal Shep’s Porsche, and drive off into the sunset with the top down while jud Every Woman” or something blasted from the speakers.

That is to say that this story about the inner life of a suburban housewife, written by a woman, fails the Bechtel test credits to Ceridwen and Sock Puppet for bringing that wonderful invention to my notice. When I picked it up off the shelf at Barnes and Noble, I had no idea when this book was written.

My point is that this isn’t a character who gets caught up in the moment experiencing things in her life that she didn’t think previously possible, this is someone who is displaying weak moral character with a side of complete lack of judgement.

These may result from childhood trauma or abuse, oppression by family members or society in general on the basis of gender, appearance, reputation, etc, or experiences of violence, grief, or betrayal.

For Sandy, it’s the summer she begins to question her choices and give in to her fantasies.