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JSS (Revision No. 1) MINISTRY OF DEFENCE JOINT SERVICES SPECIFICATION ON ENVIRONMENTAL TEST METHODS. JSS , knowns as the Penta-Five test, is an antifungal product test for electronics. JSS Revision No. 1. LIST OF MEMBERS ASSOCIATED WITH FORMULATION OF THIS STANDARD. 1. This Joint Services Specification has.

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The impact machine shall be fitted with a target plate to which the equipment under test is secured.

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This point shall be equipment fixing point nearest to the center of table surface, unless there is a point having a more rigid connection to the table in which case, the latter shall be chosen. Subject to these maximum limits, the duration shall be calculated as follows: The salt mist shall freely circulate around the equipment under test. The relevant equipment specification should choose only those jes out of the table, which are considered applicable for the equipment under test.

At each specified control point see clause 3. Temperature stability has been reached when the ratio between consecutive intervals exceeds 1. Belgian Block Course – A Belgian 00256 course consists of very tough, very hard surface, unaffected by changes in climatic conditions. Unless otherwise specified, equipment shall be functioning during the conditioning in order to determine functional as well as mechanical effects. At the conclusion of the period specified in 3. Free Flight Functional Test Expose the equipment to captive flight endurance test levels computed as per table4.

Following completion of the required drops, visually examine the test item s. Final Measurements – The equipment shall then be visually examined and shall be subjected to electrical, mechanical and other checks as specified. Preparation of acid solution. During testing, performance check shall be carried out, as specified. Adjust the chamber temperature to the corresponding temperature given in Table 4. The temperature within the chamber shall be monitored by a temperature sensing device suitably located in its working space.

The quantity of solution sprayed per hour shall be approximately one percent of the volume of the chamber. Recovery unless 0therwise specified, the external surface of the equipment shall be dried by wiping or by applying a blast of air at room temperature.


In the relevant equipment specification requires initial and final resonance searchthe complete test sequence including resonance search shall be performed in one axis and repeated for other axes.

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The total duration of the simulation shall be 1. Any deviation from normal test procedure. The equipment shall be tested 0 unpacked and switched off conditions in both cases. These vibration characteristicstheir frequencies and the levels at which they occur are noted. The procedure specified in clause 3. It is important to consider absorption characteristic of the specimen, where heating flux is the basis of control.

The radiant energy shall be maintained at a maximum level during jsss period. The equipment shall be allowed to fall freely on the drop test platform. When it is necessary to employ filters to reduce the effect of any high frequency resonance inherent in the accelerometer, it may be necessary to jas the amplitude and phase characteristics of the measuring system in order to avoid distortion of the reproduced waveform3.

This step is not required if for a one hour endurance testthe test level LO is equal or less than the corresponding captive functional test level. The temperature of the chamber shall then be restored to laboratory atmospheric conditions.


If cables, pipes etc, are required to be connected to the equipment during the test as specified, these should be arranged so as to add similar restraint and mass as in normal installation. Separate equipment can be used for this test. Final Measurement – The equipment shall be visually examined and shall be checked for electrical, mechanical or any other checks as specified.

The equipment shall be suspended in the chamber on an elastic suspension.

The duration and amplitude for each fixed frequency see clause 3. QT Qualification tests are carried out to verify that equipment is capable of operating to specified performance throughout the range of environments of its service application and to provide a reasonable assurance that life requirements will be met.


Towards the end of this period the temperature of the solution shall be raised to 36 c. Accuracy – The accuracy of measuring system shall be such that it determines the true value with the given tolerance.

For equipment over kg, the floor or barrier shall be of concrete.

Captive flight functional test sjs and duration see 3. After test chamber conditions are stabilizedmaintain these test conditions for one hour. The equipment shall then be exposed to the salt mist with the spray operatingfor a period of 2 hours under the ;laboratory atmospheric conditions.

A saturated atmosphere conforming to these requirements shall be accepted without 00256 measurements, if heating is by steam injection. TEST A drop test platform meeting the requirements of clause 2.

All measurements shall be made simultaneously at the end of warm up period where this is js, characteristics likely to be affected by low temperature should be checked. The duration of the test see 3. For deployment js vehicles either relevant sinusoidal or random vibration can be selected as specified. Final Measurement see 3. The relative humidity during this period shall not exceed 50 percent. It should also be ensured that the spores are not detached from the equipment under test by the air circulation.

Application procedure 1 or 2 For procedure 1: With the longest dimension parallel the floor, the transit or combination case, with the test item within, shall 02556 supported at the corner of one end by a block 13 cm five inches in height, and at the other corner or edge of the same end by a block 30 cm 12 inches in height.

The performance achieved shall be noted in the report. Any periodic change of temperature shall not exceed a rate of 1 c per hour. Power supply to DUT and test, instrumentation should be from different phases and through jsz isolation transformers. Unless otherwise specified the equipment shall be subjected to 4 such cycles.