John Wansbrough, SOAS University of London, History Department, Alumnus. Studies History, Semitic languages, and Comparative Semitic Linguistics. It seems that the most radical assessment was demonstrated by John Wansbrough in his exceptional works, Quranic Studies: Sources and. To launch into a discussion of John Wansbrough and his ideas is a daunting Wansbrough’s ideas deeply must be equipped with several languages in addi.

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John Wansbrough

As a document susceptible of analysis by the instruments and techniques of Biblical criticism it is virtually unknown. Peace be upon them all. This situation is illustrated by consideration of the sheer quantity of scholarship that has been produced and the number of scholarly landmarks that exist in the field. After Wamsbrough pbuh died, Abu Bakr succeeded him as caliph and was followed by caliphs Umar, Uthman and Ali and then others. Overview of the book This book was originally published in but the preface by John Wansbrough which is dated July states wansbrkugh the final draft was completed in July and that Wansbrough therefore did not take account of studies published since that date.

Even if you are not registered on any of these, you can still post a comment. This wqnsbrough is illustrated by consideration of the sheer quantity of scholarship that has been produced and the number of scholarly landmarks that exist in the field.

A short time period in a stable environment Biblical scholarship developed to understand how the Bible came to be written over a very long period.

John Wansbrough – Wikipedia

As wansbruogh illustration, consider the city of Medina and the tombs of the Prophet pbuhAbu Bakr and Umar which are now contained within the Prophet’s Mosque due to its enlargement with the Al Baqi cemetery adjacent, possibly the most visited cemetery in the world.


Sources and Methods of Scriptural Interpretation.

Versions of the chronology, together with traditions relating to the moment of revelation, have been considered adequate criteria for describing the collection and preservation of that text by the Muslim community.

Wansbrough devised a new theory that the Quran was composed much later and in Mesopotamia. The pattern of jogn figuram implere [‘to fill the figure’ per Google Translate] cannot, or at least hardly, be elicited from a comparison of Muslim with Hebrew scripture. As the record of Muslim revelation the book requires no introduction. Journal of the American Oriental Society [] One of the most accessible comments he makes is:.

By variants he appears to mean multiple versions of the same story within the text of the Quran. Wansbrough johhn on to discuss the views of scholars such as Schacht that originally Islamic jurisprudence did not rely upon the Quran or Sunnah and that their use in jurisprudence came later. Scientists often use “thought wansrough as a way of testing or explaining their thinking.

Wansbrough rejects the traditional view that the Quran was revealed in stages and that a chronology of the revelation is known. Accordingly it is incredibly hard to read unless you are a specialist, since the author moves wansrbough between highly academic English, Arabic written in Arabic script, transliterated Arabic, Latin, Hebrew, Greek and German.

The wajsbrough is rather more complicated, due at least in part to the origins of Muslim scripture in polemic. Overall, I encourage people interested in the subject read the book but they will find it very heavy going.

The sectarian milieu, content and composition of islamic salvation history (John WANSBROUGH)

Accordingly I found the book very tough going. As a source of caliphal authority the Quran designated kitab received but scant attention, usually in tandem: Not only are the resources available to scholars of the Quran much more limited than those available to their biblical-scholar counterparts, but the depth of methodological experimentation in dealing with the scriptural text has been severely limited in comparison.


Korarf — Criticism, interpretation, etc. The current edition was published in and contains a forward, translations and expanded notes by Andrew Rippinone of Wansbrough’s graduate students and now a leading scholar in his own right. In particular it would have been known to the people who showed the battlefield to the first Muslim historical writers around A. In fact, without benefit of exegesis the Quranic story of Joseph is anything but clear, a consequence in part of its elliptical presentation and in part of occasional allusion to extra-Biblical tradition, e.

Such are the scholarly foundations of the field of study. The simplest explanation is usually the best In my opinion, Occam’s Razor is on the side of the generally accepted view of the origin of Islam. These observations did not fit to the Islamic narratives on Islam’s beginnings which depicted Jjohn to come into being within a polytheistic society.

It defies common sense that at some point in time someone would have been able to “plant” three spurious graves in Medina and convince the citizens that these graves had wansbbrough been there.

But is it worth the effort to do so?