Seuxis Paucis Hernández Solarte, alias “Jesús Santrich,” is the name on everyone’s lips, the cornerstone of Colombia’s rocky peace process. Ministerio de Justicia e Inpec dicen que se cumplió misión humanitaria y que está bien de salud. Jesús Santrich. ‘Jesús Santrich’, líder de las. (CNN Español) – La Fiscalía de Colombia, junto a la Policía, capturó por narcotráfico este lunes al exjefe de la hoy desmovilizada guerrilla de.

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President Juan Manuel Santos pursued the deal despite The issue of how to deal with the FARC—and the violence and drug trade they stimulated—dominated Colombian politics for decades. This week, Jesks Santos expressed his concern over the recent murders of former FARC members and assured the public he would guarantee the protection of ex-combatants. The current political context has cast doubt on whether the state can guarantee the protection of ex-combatants.

Therefore the fact that he has been accused of drug trafficking during this period of jesud justice illustrates the challenges the new FARC will face as a political movement. The Attorney General, on the other hand, is claiming the JEP does not have the jurisdiction to authorize whether or not Santrich will be extradited to the United States. Duque is currently polling at He had a very important role inside the FARC and had a large influence over the peace negotiations.

Mon, Dec 31, Would you agree that Santos sees these killings as a crucial obstacle to the peace process? Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime. If Colombia extradites Santrich, as the U. Investors would be far happier with the market-friendly Duque, who promises business tax cuts and has spent much of his working life in Washington. Though lauded by the international community, it has never gained widespread support in Colombia and initially failed to pass a public referendum before being revised and passed through congress.

However, the debate is not about whether or not he should pay for the crime. Prosecutors are currently investigating wider mishandling of funds, with 10 intermediaries suspected of embezzling money allocated for the peace process.

Colombian Court Rules Jesus Santrich to Occupy Seat in Congress

His case illustrates how there is still a strong drug trafficking dynamic in Colombia and how there are actors santrcih are interested in keeping this dynamic strong. His main rival, leftist Gustavo Petro, 58, who supports the deal and is himself a former guerilla from the now defunct M, is on The timing is awkward for defenders of the peace process, coming a day after the official in charge of finances for implementing the accords was sacked after admitting to granting a contract to her jesuss.


A former Colombian rebel commander has been arrested on US drug-trafficking charges, in a shocking development that heaped more pressure on the stumbling peace process with the demobilized Farc guerrillas. Colombia News and Profiles. Ultimately, the FARC as a demobilized political party needs to clarify its platforms on crucial themes such as drug trafficking and the new dynamics of organized crime.

The specter of Venezuela, whose dramatic economic crisis has sent more than a million refugees pouring into Colombia in the last year, weighs heavily on the presidential campaigns.

Habeas Corpus Denied to FARC Leader Jesus Santrich in Colombia

By Ciara Nugent May 25, Santrich was due to take one of the 10 congressional seats the Farc are guaranteed by the peace deal in July.

It is as yet unclear what will happen to that post. The accord grants lighter sentencing to rebels for crimes committed during the conflict but Santrich stands accused of crimes after the signing of the deal.

The peace deal formally ended 52 years of civil war that left at leastdead and over 7 million displaced. Now, the war is over, homicide rates are down in most parts of the country, and for many voters the FARC and the peace process will take a backseat to more conventional electoral matters on Sunday.

When former Colombian guerrilla leader Seuxis Santrch was arrested in April for plotting to traffic 10 tons of cocaine to the U.

Regarding the recent killings of ex-combatants, the government has yet to provide the public with a clear explanation for the recent violence. The question of how the JEP will function in the future will depend on how the state resolves the case of Santrich and whether the processes that were agreed upon during the peace negotiations will be maintained.

Above all, the crux of this discussion is whether we can prevent the demobilization of the FARC from becoming an economic santdich for other sanrtich crime groups.


Many people in Colombia have grown frustrated with the Santrich case and are saying that if he committed the crime we should let justice take its course.

‘Jesús Santrich’ Case at the Epicenter of Colombia’s Peace Process

Petro is a clear underdog. Restrepo said it was unlikely that most Farc members would return to the armed struggle. Many former guerilla leaders are scared they will be arrested next. The Farc, now a political santtrich, say that more than 50 members and relatives have been killed since the deal was signed and that the government has not done enough to protect them.

The key issue here is the rule of law. The debate sabtrich about how are we going to guarantee each one of asntrich agreements and how they can generate positive measures that will protect the livelihoods of ex-combatants and affected communities. Ultimately, the Santrich case has demonstrated that the state has not ensured a safe future for all in Colombia. Write to Ciara Nugent at ciara.

In addition, two important aspects of the peace accord hang in the balance: The Attorney General challenged the decision on May These developments jezus generated disputes within the FARC political party, questions around the role of the transitional justice and, probably more importantly, the future of the peace process as a whole. But, with the FARC issue partially diffused, many are now predicting a late upset. The most extensive database on organized crime in the Americas.

Sign Up for Our Newsletters Sign up to receive the top stories santricj need to know now on politics, health, money and more. We are seeing a budding competition santricn ordinary justice and transitional justice. In their latest statement, the JEP — which oversees crimes committed before December 1, — said the extradition process should be stopped until a decision can be reached as to whether Santrich continued committing crimes after the peace accord was signed.

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