A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Cobralingus by Jeff Noon. Jeff Noon is a novelist, short story writer and playwright whose works make use of word play and fantasy. Noon’s speculative. Antony Johnston START > INLET Welcome to the review of Jeff Noon’s latest book, Cobralingus. DRUG: HYPERBOLIN > ENHANCE Jeff.

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The metamorphiction process remixes this inlet text, transforming it into something entirely different. Cole rated it it was amazing Jun 23, There are no rules, cobralintus opportunities.

Cobralingus by Jeff Noon

Flesh prickling with itches, like Braille insects. Along the way Hofstadter takes in all human knowledge systems, including Lewis Carroll. Jeff Noon at his Nooniest.

You can follow the creative visions and linguistic processes of an author who explores the possibilities of language like no other contemporary writer. The character also sings cobralinguw song while playing the guitar. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Losers predominate, searching for a way out.

If the English novel is truly dead, we should place a flower on its grave, trample down the dirt.

Jeff Noon’s literary manifesto | Books | The Guardian

An exercise in the picture of language, the function of letters. I would like to discuss a possible literature, the kind of writing that will take place in the post-future age. Over the past few years there has been an upsurge of interest in experimental electronic music.


It implements a social Web medium with potential applications ranging from open art to open democracy. It is in this spirit of adventure cobralinus I envisage the post-future novel. Just a bunch of things that got me excited in the last few months. Every word I’ve written drifts around somewhere in the weird shape formed cobralinugs this trio.

There’s a rumour going round that only his first dozen or so stories are the jewels. The film will be directed by Billy O’ Brien Isolation film. The writers will “shun poetry and poetic licence in all its forms”.

All that’s left of the first jrff is this: Jeff Noon’s latest book, Cobralingus, is published by Codex. Vurt tells jefr story of Scribble and his “gang” the Stash Riders as they search for his missing sister Desdemona. How the text is to be transformed by any particular filter is entirely up to the individual. There is a Vurt film in the works, but as of the cobralinugs of this writing, Jeff Noon has stated on his public website that ” Only published online, this collection of short stories is set in a fictional British apartment building and features stories about the lives of each inhabitant, to which each author contributed.

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The Star The face in the bathroom mirror, it looks ravaged; as though something alive moves beneath the skin.

The Tower The window opens a two inch crack, no more. But Noon also adds a bit more: It applies the techniques of electronic dance music to the production of words, dissolving language.

Reading interviews with the people involved, I started to learn a little about the computer software employed, and the techniques of creation, and to wonder if the same processes could be used to manipulate and transform the written word. Clbralingus to Read Currently Reading Read. Others are classical poem or prose narratives.

Cobralingus And Text Remixing

Examples of these gates include ‘enhance’ which creates elements of beauty in the text, and ‘ghost edit’; this kills the text and calls up a ghost to cobrqlingus the text. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Randy Dunn rated it it was ok Jul 25, What is this benchmark of readability?