According to popular accounts, Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers, by Jean-Claude Pressac (New York: Beate Klarsfeld Foundation;. We are extremely grateful to The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation for permission to present Jean-Claude Pressac’s extraordinary book AUSCHWITZ: Technique and . Les crématoires d’Auschwitz: la machinerie du meurtre de masse by Jean- Claude Pressac(Book) 17 editions published between and in French .

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Pressac, Jean-Claude

In comparison with Pressacs’s first book, his second which was about a tenth as long was a scientific step backward. Retrieved from ” https: Pressac’s tendency to ‘correct’ eyewitness reports not only did not improve the credulity of orthodox historiography, it made it shakier. Then the author describes how the SS personnel stationed at Auschwitz are mobilized for combat duty at the jeqn and cancel their requisitions “with noisy protestations of disappointment” which “barely disguise their cowardly general relief.

At any rate, his revelation that the “eastern extermination camps” had been constructed as transit and delousing facilities shook official ‘Holocaust’ lore to the core.

His position with respect to the extermination of the Jews at Birkenau and the personal experiences that led him to undertake this study”. La machinerie du meurtre de masse [17] The Crematories of Auschwitz: By his constant reductions of the number of victims, his critiques of eyewitness accounts, and his treading on the core belief of orthodox ‘Holocaust’ lore, he caused immense damage to everyone who tried to hitch him to their wagon. The truth is that national conscience does not care for sad stories.


If you dare to say that what tourists are shown in some camps is, or was, such a gas chamber, come on and say it In the case of Majdanek, the only one of these camps for which documentary evidence is available, Pressac’s figures are more than double the real number of victims, since we can tell from existing documents that around 42, persons died in Majdanek camp. Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen.

The truth is that exaggeration of the extent of the concentration camp system is like squaring the circle – it means declaring that black is white. Thus, today’s depiction of the system of concentration camps, while still triumphant, is doomed c,aude collapse.

We only have to take them at their word, and to say:. We have tried to standardize the references by using the MLA Style handbook. He’s convinced that the gas chambers did actually exist.

The Holocaust according to Jean-Claude Pressac

The Nuremberg Jfan established that it had been four million Doc. Similarly italics will be used in some cases where languages other than English are used, and [italics] when referring to key documents. Among those, he maintains,Jews were gassed.

Skip to content Skip to search. Pressac estimated that betweenandwere killed at Auschwitz.

Jean-Claude Pressac. Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers.

La machinerie du meurtre de masse “The Crematoria of Auschwitz: A case of plagiarism,” Journal of Historical Review10 1pp. In the mortuaries of the crematoria there were plenty of infected corpses. Similarly, Pressac employs italics and bold text to emphasize certain words or phrases. An AnalysisR. It was therefore decided to devote all efforts to demolishing the Auschwitz gas chambers.


For the keepers of the official ‘Holocaust’ grail, this must have set off all kinds of alarm bells. The Revisionist on vho. Click below for the previous or next item of the series. Pressac is a former Revisionist. Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries Does Pressac show us photos or drawings of the murder factories?

Pressac did not answer my challenge in The actual figure of Auschwitz deaths between and is clqude closer to , mostly because of epidemics, starvation and overwork. Machinery of Mass Murder. Since the openings were far apart and the SS man could carry only a limited amount of Zyklon B, he had to climb down after each insertion and get more Zyklon B. In my review presac this book published in the spring and summer issues of the JournalI noted that it contains hundreds of details cladue the camp itself, the crematoria buildings, the ovens, the typhus epidemics, the c,aude gas chambers with Zyklon B or by other meansand even many details about the private life of the author.

In Poland, Holocaust denial is punishable by law. We have taken certain editorial liberties with the format of the text. This will not happen now.