Datatable exporter. If you prefer to export an existing JSF datatable instead of writing a dedicated XHTML document, you can execute the Section , “Migrate the Seam JPA Example to JBoss EAP 6” . export=” true”/> export=”true”/>

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Valid values are “true” and “false” xls-font-italic Should the font be italic? A shorthand for setting line style and color of the top edge of the cell, e. This is only used when the spreadsheet is read, and has no effect when the spreadsheet is written. The spans are optional and if omitted, the image will be inserted without resizing. The color of the background see jxl. In the current version there are some known limitations regarding CSS support. Default value is false.

java ee – Generate and download file with jboss seam – Stack Overflow

If you prefer to export an existing JSF datatable instead of writing a dedicated XHTML document, this can also be achieved easily by executing the org. A shorthand for setting line style and color of the bottom edge of the cell, e. Note that the value is 0-based.


Did you get this to work? Note that when doing cross-sheet formulas, the worksheets must exist before referencing a formula against them. Can you please try again with the version below in attachment.

Fix excel export of search content views when waiting for execution

The value is a boolean. The width of the column. Note that if the target is a Map, the iteration is done over the Map. Child elements none Facets none. Use with workbook level locked. The CSS attributes cascade down from parent to children and within one tag cascades over the CSS classes referenced in the styleClass attributes and finally over the CSS saem defined in the style attribute.

Should the column be shown in export? The value is a string that can be one of “general”, “number”, “text”, “date”, “formula” or “bool”. Fonts and layout Use the Document Store Servlet provided by Seam.

Place the font name last and use tick marks for fonts with spaces in them, e. For large data set it may be preferable to not propagate the conversation and pass parameter to select the data in a request scoped component. The Seam component is provided by the package jboss-seam-excel itself, I’ve not developped it this component is named excelReporter. The border color of the left edge of the cell see jxl. Post as a guest Name. The value is a number percent.


Used by the excel exporter, placed in the datatable style attribute.

This value can be NULL, in which case the normal system default temporary directory is used instead. They add link navigation to URIs.

Print areas and titles. If you propagate the conversation context probably you won’t need to pass any jbss. Due to the change in logging in version 2. The portlet is available under demo ‘tab’. Is it an issue in portlet bridge?

Seam – Export datatable to Excel |JBoss Developer

It looks like there are some issues on both sides 1 when the excel workbook url is formulated it appends docId like so: The value is a number percentage. The border line style of the top edge of the cell see jxl.

Sorry, I missed the jxl