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The JBL is the most famous monitor and the largest. They command a lot of money, even after 20 years. Having built many speakers, I’m. JBL 1,,yen(one set). Description. @ The speaker system announced as the highest peak of a JBL studio monitor series. We sell used & new Monitors by JBL. Select from the best prices and availability in the world.

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That last pic is jb in an old gym which serves us as measuring space. But building such a beast from stuff that hard and heavy isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

Last Jump to page: Looks 44355 a whole lot of speakers of different types on hand. View Profile View Forum Posts. Finding the right colour for the baffle ended up with “RAL brillantblau”.

Got the L-pads connected, lowering the ‘s output was a good idea. Until my tube crossover is finished, I am using a simple Monacor MCX for the active filter part; I am surprised how well it does. I had to dye the diaphragms to black, otherwise I would have ended up with too many different tones.

If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn’t call jb, research would we. As for cabinet dampening, I didn’t use the usual fiberglass stuff.

Welcome to Lansing Heritage! That’s the main reason I’m considering giving them another coat but this time with the Edding ink. My ‘s have staples. Is that last pic at the Triode Fest? And I like your stands Any plan to use a digital crossover unit? My JBL build Just admiring Challenger’s beautiful project over at the ” Monitor plans” thread I thought it’s time to give you a jjbl at my version.


The actual state of things is to be seen on the last picture. The speakers made their first public appearance on last autumn’s “European Triode Festival” in Berlin and did a really nice job. And when you get the itch it never completely diesthat configuration is a natural for a big horn on top.

The time now is I bet there’s not many of those in Germany. I’ll have to remember it. I used a suitable amount of dirt cheap Ikea piilows, which is nothing 4355 polyester wadding, exaxtly what we want here.

JBL my Love – 4355

Endless “knobs” to twiddle! The second last is from ETF; you can find 43355 impressions here: Measurements showed tthe amount of absorbtion is just right.

It is, of course, not finished yet the cabinet is lacking surface treatment but this is going to happen soon. Who’d have though of that. This will keep me going for a while – exactly what I wanted.

Used jbl for Sale |

My JBL build. Let me wipe the drool off my keyboard.

We had lots of amps and active crossovers to try, with some really unexpected results. Can you tell if the Edding you used to dye the cones 435 a slightly purple glow in direct sunlight? That didn’t turn out to be a real problem.

I am really happy with the sound, but there’s so much to try, tons of knobs to turn. Just starting to mount the acoustic lenses in front of the s. Does anyone know if the hook tape on the speaker front for fixing those is stapled or do we rely on the adhesive? So much for now, I hope you like what you see.

Adding the definitely helps for short listening distances. The RAL chart is a standard colour code very common here in Germany – very jgl, if you know the number, you can get more or less the same tone whereever you ask. The build quality appears to be superb. But birch ply or MDF really can’t compete with this, so I am finally happy after a lot of bruises and scratches. It’s not very effective and a pain in the a Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.


I’ve made only jbo changes to the original plans, for example there is now a support for the that really deserves the name and not that lousy sheet metal angle supporting the horn, not the driver.

At least that’s what I thought, In fact the additional mass rings got folded, so I ended up with H with a slightly stronger motor due to the stronger magnetisation of the E magnets.

Sourcing the drivers wasn’t that easy here in Germany and so I ended up buying, and in the US which didn’t make things exactly cheaper, but everything turned out to be decent quality stuff, so I am fine with that.

All times are GMT Most of them I saw were just bricks of rust with a JBL badge attached. The woofers began their lives as E and got freshly reconed hbl H. Results 1 to 15 of I dyed my Jjbl and H with deskjet printer ink and the cones are deep black now but still have a bit of a purple glow in the sunlight, though. I agree that sourcing vintage JBL drivers in western Europe can be a major pain, especially the compression drivers. They look great just as they are and the blue color seems perfect on my monitor.