Jack McDevitt is a skilled but uneven storyteller. His best work is found in his series of novels featuring Priscilla Hutchins. While the Hutchins series tends to be . The luxury space yacht Polaris carried an elite group of the wealthy and curious thousands of light-years from Earth to witness a spectacular stellar phenomenon . Minor Spoiler Alert! Polaris is second of Jack McDevitt’s series of novels about Alex Benedict and Chase Kolpath – and it is probably the best of.

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I was looking forward to this different perspective when I started reading, but found the narrative voice to be so similar, I was actually confused at points as I thought Alex was still narrating.

Once Homo sapiens reigned supreme, spreading from star system to star system in an empire that encountered no alien life and thus knew no enemy Hardcoverpages. It’s a well-crafted plot that moves fast, never leaving you bored. I would actually say Alex Benedict plays a secondary role, but it doesn’t matter because they are similar enough that they are somewhat interchangeable.

She also spent too much time reflecting on her effect on men.

However, that said, I loved the book. I finished it, but barely, and only by skimming the dull parts. I’m currently reviewing novels, but I hope to get along to movies soon. It feels like everyone in Polaris has been switched with a semi-catatonic zombie. Humans call them Monument-Makers.

Published January by Ace Hardcover first published November 1st I really quite enjoyed this one too, but some of the basic facts that the plot rests upon don’t bear too much examination. Which, even with conservative estimates for populations, makes owning an FTL ship about the equivalent to their being a grand total of internal combustion engines on earth today, and you owning a private car.


Fiction Book Review: POLARIS by Jack McDevitt, Author . Ace $ (p) ISBN

The best part of this series is the deeply thoughtful construction of the plot, the worlds, and the explored implications. Once the other ships had returned, Polaris remained silent and unseen. Jon’s only companion on his year voyage is his ship’s irritable AI. It was a highly entertaining page-turner and something I would definitely recommend to both science fiction and mystery readers.

The End of All Things.


And if so, wouldn’t it be prudent to have that vehicle checked out before blithely taking off? Includes an exclusive introduction by author Jack McDevitt. On the plus side, it was I think a better done adventure story in the present than its predecessor, A Talent for War, which derived its interest almost entirely from the mystery about the mcdevitr for me, at least; the adventures there in the present did not seem as compelling.

Poparis from good money and raised mostly by his uncle Gabe, Alex lives in a country home well outside the capital city of Andiquar. On the basis of my first reading of his work, I don’t think I’m quite ready to accord him ,cdevitt lofty status, but I’m willing and eager to seek out more of his novels and read on.

Becoming intrigued, Alex discovers that others connected with the vanished passengers also disappeared under unexplained circumstances.


As a favor to Alex for sharing a valuable past find with them, Survey gives him first choice of jzck. Jon Ryan volunteers for the most ambitious, desperate mission ever conceived: Issue 27, July The End of All Things 3: You’ve got a lot of weird questions and archeology and a lot of research ahead of you, but wait! Another space mystery for antiquarian sleuths to resolve Chindi, etc.

Polaris (Alex Benedict, #2) by Jack McDevitt

Joe Colsco boarded a flight from San Francisco to Chicago to attend a national chemistry meeting. Naturally, those artifcats will become important as the mystery unfolds.

More By and About This Author. The US president wants Jon dead and is willing to sacrifice his own people to eliminate Jon. And how does that fit into the mystery plot? Also by Jack McDevitt. The ending of the story was terrific. Quite enjoyable and I’ll be looking for the next in the series. Ratings and Reviews 1 11 star ratings 1 reviews. Certes pas parfaite mais qui a vraiment du capter mon attention le temps de la lecture.

Polwris drove both species into a long and bloody war which was eventually resolved before both sides exhausted their ships and weapons. And all seems wonderful – until a crashed alien spaceship of unknown origin is found on a newly located world 89 light-years from Earth, carrying a cargo as strange as it is horrifying. It would shape their lives.