Sunstroke: Selected Stories [Ivan Bunin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ”The Gentleman from San Francisco” is easily the best known of . The Sunstroke: Selected Stories of Ivan Bunin Community Note includes chapter- by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context. Finding the best translation for the concluding part of Ivan Bunin’s Sunstroke.

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And the lieutenant agreed with her, somewhat easily. He found himself walking on the fresh manure through the wagons, the cartloads of cucumbers, the brand new bowls and pots, buniin peasant women sitting on the ground hollering over each other, calling him, taking the pots in ivam hands and banging, the taps of their fingers ringing inside of them, demonstrating their worth, peasant men deafening him, yelling: Valentina rated it really liked it Jul 28, And he felt such pain and such a sense of how useless the rest of his life would be without her, that he was gripped by horror, despair.

The affair has burned out any expectation of happiness from affairs likely in the next ten years. It was too bizarre, unnatural, unbelievable! Within a minute they were walking past the sleepy ticket office, emerging in hub-deep sand and silently boarding a dusty carriage.

Sexual encounters are brief, profoundly moving, but ultimately transitory.

sunstrpke She sailed away—at this point she is far, sitting, probably, in the white glass saloon or on deck, looking at that enormous river glistening under the sun, the oncoming rafts, the yellow sandbanks, and the water and sky glowing into the distance, that entire immeasurable expanse of the Volga. The lieutenant gave him five rubles too, took the ticket and walked onto the landing. At the corner, in front of the post office, there was a window-display for a photography studio.

But, where could he go? Hardcoverpages. Gathering his last bit of strength, he walked into his large, empty room. When he re-opened his eyes, the evening sun was already yellowing and reddening.


Sunstroke: Selected Stories

He still remembered all of her, each tiny feature, remembered the smell of her tan and the cotton dress, her firm body, the lively sound of her voice, gay and free. Which do we prefer? The lieutenant sat under cover on deck, conscious of having aged ten years.

Sunstroke confirms Bunin’s stature as one of the greatest—and most neglected—Russian writers of the twentieth century.

He blocked it with the folding-screen, shut the windows to hush the murmurs of the bazaar and the screeching of the wheels, lowered the billowing white curtains, sat on the sofa. Ahead of it, the dark summer sunset was becoming extinguished, gloomily, dreamily and diversifiedly reflected in the river, showing patches glimmering with tremulous ripples in the distance under the sunset, and the flames scattering in the darkness round the steamer bunjn receding and receding.

Hettlinger’s carefully crafted translations best capture Bunin’s essence, the play of light and dark that runs throughout his prose. The lieutenant glanced at him feeling bewildered and amazed: Published Sunstrike 21st by Ivan R. Yet something had changed. Even if you read this short tale, you can understand why Bunin won the Nobel Prize.

In “Raven,” a young man develops an affection for a fetching nanny his father has hired, much to the father’s dismay; the older man later marries the nanny. The Best Books of The plots of Bunin’s stories are not necessarily original, but their force and animation never fail to surprise; a brief introduction by the translator snustroke to put the writer in historical context. When the affair ends, she ascribes their passion to a momentary sunstroke, leaving him heartbroken and spiritually lost.

How could he escape this sudden, unexpected love? Elizabeth Smolinski rated it it was amazing Jun 02, He drank several glasses of vodka, chasing it with lightly salted pickles and dill, and feeling that he would in an instant sunstrooke to die tomorrow if he could just by some miracle bring her back, spend another day—spend it just so.


Nov 19, Agata Zienkiewicz rated it it was amazing. The line in question is an envoi, therefore, iva resignation to what has already happened, not a climax or expectation.

For a long time he looked at large portrait of some soldier with thick epaulettes, bulging eyes, a low forehead, astonishingly magnificent whiskers and a very broad chest completely covered with decorations. Home About Poetry Reviews Translation. He died November 8, bynin Paris.

Bunin’s “Sunstroke” | TextEtc Blog

Other stories strip away characters’ defenses with elegance and precision: At ten on that sunny morning, hot and joyful with rings of church bells, sounds of the bazaar on the square by the hotel, smells of hay, coal and again everything complicated and fragrant about a Russian resort town, she, this little nameless woman she never did say her name, jokingly calling herself a lovely strangerrode away.

The lieutenant took her hand, raising it to his lips. In the longer stories, small pains accumulate until they explode into tragic ironies.

Your email address will not be published. Again, he took to pacing the room, trying not to look at the bed behind the folding-screen. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Anna rated it liked it Oct 04, We should also look at the celebrated passage that immediately precedes the line under scrutiny: The houses were all the same, buniin, two-story merchant houses with big yards—and it seemed that within them, there was not a soul; thick white dust covered the pavement, all of it was blinding him, all of it flooded with hot, white, flaming and joyful, but here, kind of pointless, sunlight.

In the prose miniatures, such as “Summer Day” and “Sky Above a Wall,” he seeks only to capture a momentary impression or a passing scene rather than to write a traditional narrative.