Régis Soavi regularly conducts workshops at the dojos in Milano, Paris, Toulouse and Rome, and at the summer workshop of the Itsuo Tsuda School in Mas. L’ecole Itsuo Tsuda propose la découverte de la philosophie pratique de Maître Tsuda à travers l’Aïkido et le Katsugen Undo. Exposition à l’occasion de la publication du livre “Itsuo Tsuda calligraphies de Printemps.

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A peaceful strength, not aggressive, but full and rich of the imagination and the desire to make the world better.

That is why, when he arrived in France, he tried to pass on to us what for him was the essential, the secret of Aikido, the concrete perception of ki. When attention is localized, for example it stops at the wrist, breathing becomes shallow, disrupted… we forget the rest of the body. The ki is already there, it circulates already, but we concentrate it. In any event, today, the consequences of knowledge are harmful. That was what shocked me. Itsuo Tsuda wrote nine books in French, Yume Editions present here a new english translation of the first book.

He practiced in France and Japan and became interested in the concept of a dojo: One txuda, he realized that people fell ill, and came to see him ; he would allow the ki to circulate, they would recover and go off.

Written by a co-responsible of the dojo, Sven Kunz, reproduced with the kind permission of the author. If the respiration was too short and high before, it gradually becomes calmer. The time just to wear the hakama is decided by the practitioners theirselves, after talking with elders or the Sensei. So ki circulates better. I think that those schools have adapted themselves more to Occidentals and to our epoch ; as for myself, I prefer to remain more traditional.


Ce sont avant tout des pratiques du Non-faire. Vous souhaitez recevoir les prochains articles? Master Ueshiba began each session accordingly.

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It is also for this reason that I often ask to work slowly. Ueshiba himself said that Aikido is not a religion, but utsuo it sheds light on religion, allowing a better understanding of it.

Rather in the morning, competitiveness does not have too much importance … you get up, you are in the dojo, you can easily breathe, you start your day. As those needs vary from one individual to another, and for the same individual from one moment to another, there can be no uniform, tsua movement. Even though it is an improvisation, there are gestures which are a bit like a ritual. Of course, mistakes can be made, the hakama is put on too early or too late. Tell itsul a bit about him.

What is Katsugen Undo?

respiration Archives – Itsuo Tsuda School

What happened to his parents? Article of Francesca Giomo.

This spirit of openness can do nothing other than waking up the strength pre-existing in each of us. All the walls are white. Previously, it was to me just the name of tsudq technique, with Itsuo Tsuda this notion became much more concrete, firstly by the orientation of his practice. But Ueshiba was so deeply influenced by the itsup Omoto-kyo a Shintoist religious groupthat in his thoughts, Aikido and his religious practice are not always easy to distinguish. At that time, he had no knowledge, not even elementary, of anatomy or medicine.


When he was twelve, he accomplished his first deed, curing a neighbour who had been suffering from dysentery since the great earthquake struck the Tokyo area in But in Aikido we have the fusion of sensitivity.

Itsuo Tsuda deals with the theme of the philosophy of the Non-Doing and with that of ki through Katsugen undo, Seitai and Aikido: Of course, the sacred dimension is present. Every morning I have a great pleasure to see people getting there and taking their time, we are in a world where we do not take our time anymore…. The canal was then closed. For other articles on the subject it is here What is Regenerating Movement?

Aikido is not going to become more effective, more aesthetic, and so on. And katsugen undo task is the balance. Itsuo Tsuda in an interview with France Culture said: