When you use the IP PrintWay component of Infoprint Server to print the jobs that Infoprint XT generates, you create a second printer definition, in addition to the. The following information applies only to IP PrintWay™ basic mode. IP PrintWay extended mode does not use the same transmission queue as IP PrintWay. Before you use IP PrintWay™ to send print output to remote printers and email destinations, you must create printer definitions. Typically, you create one printer .

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Otherwise, the default value is the title or file name that printwah administrator specifies in the Protocol section of the printer definition. In the Printer code page field, delete any value that is present, so that the field has no value. Create a printer definition in the Printer Inventory for each target printer and specify attributes that are required by IP PrintWay. Some job submission methods for example, the LPR command do not support specification of job attributes or JCL parameters.

To specify prjntway attributes. Table 2 explains the state of retained data sets. Table 1 explains the state of retained data sets. Check here to start a new keyword search. Puts this information in the email: This specification causes IP PrintWay basic mode to add a carriage return at the end of each line when it converts line data to text data. You printwag specify only one filter for each data format pfintway the printer definition. Enclose the entire list of job attributes in single quotation marks.


Figure 1 shows the steps that occur from the time IP PrintWay selects output data sets from the JES spool until it transmits them to the printer or email destination and then deletes them from the JES spool.

An IPP Server must be running in the remote printer or system.

Or, assure that both procs point to the same copy of the data set and refresh LLA. Distribution of data to a workstation Transmitting data sets to a print prinhway on a workstation lets users use workstation applications not only to print data, but also to view, archive, or fax the data. In this example, the email attachment is February sales report.

Printer commands can be used to change fonts or switch between simplex and duplex printing. To change default options.

Rpintway you already customized IP PrintWay to use the LPR or direct sockets transmission protocol and you now want to use the email or IPP protocol, you need to do the additional customization tasks summarized in Table 3. IP PrintWay automatically tries the transmission again one time immediately after the original transmission fails.

Use the appropriate function jp to save the processing information, close the panel and the Component List panel, and return to the IP PrintWay Printer definition panel. Infoprint XT requires no other information. Sending commands to the printer.

Customizing IP PrintWay

Do not specify this parameter so that the value your administrator specifies in printwxy printer definition is used. If you specify a value that is not allowed, the data set might not print. Specify the retry time in the format hhhh: If you write a filter program, and you run IP PrintWay basic mode, you must select the Resubmit for filtering option in the printer definition. The default is userid domainname. Some of the tasks apply only to the indicated IP PrintWay transmission protocol.


IP PrintWay

A print server can be running on the host system. The operator can use Infoprint Central to start and stop these job selection rules, printwah the administrator can automate the starting and stopping of job selection rules.

Selecting the LPR protocol. IP PrintWay retains and deletes entries that are based on retry and retention parameters that are specified either in the pringway definition or in the JCL for each data set: You see the Processing panel.

Creating an IP PrintWay printer definition

This parameter applies only to documents printed on an AFP printer or transformed to another format with a transform from AFP. For example, exits can change the IP address of the remote printer, add separator pages, specify printer commands in document headers and trailers, and modify SMF accounting records.

If the Print Interface subsystem processes the data set, the default value is the title that is specified in the Allocation section of the printer definition il the Printer Inventory.

Job submitters cannot specify the printer’s address if the printer uses the IPP protocol. Resubmitting documents to Print Interface for filtering basic mode.