The International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) is a helpful tool used to diagnose a personality disorder. Order the IPDE from PAR today!. Objective: To test the reliability and applicability of Urdu translation of the International personality disorder examination (IPDE) in a psychiatric outpatient. The International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) is a semistructured clinical interview compatible with the International Classification of Diseases.

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All the patients scoring above the cut off and were interviewed in detail. Find articles by Farooq Naeem. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Prevalence, correlates, and disability of personality disorders in the United States: MA helped to revise the draft manuscript and gather references.

It consists of a screening questionnaire as well, which consists of 59 items, which are self-reported by the patient as true or false. Variable Number Percentage Gender Male 5 It has demonstrated interrater reliability and temporal ijternational that is roughly similar to instruments used to diagnose psychoses, mood, anxiety and substance use disorders.

According to the analysis, most prevalent personality disorder was emotionally unstable borderline type. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The use of IPDE findings in a formulation about personality functioning and its relevance to treatment and harmful behaviour will also be considered, as will clinical interviewing skills relevant to the assessment of personality pathology.

This was followed by emotionally unstable impulsive type rater one assessed 18 patients and rater 2 assessed 19 patients and joint agreement was found in 18 patients phi correlation of 0.


Patients with clinical suspicion of personality disorders were screened by the screening questionnaire, and those who scored high on screening were evaluated in a detailed personaluty using IPDE ICD version.

Both these classificatory systems are overlapping but different. Find articles by Fareeha Hamid. The results are comparable with the related studies done for the same purpose, conducted in Greece and India. This training internstional also be useful for those wishing interrnational use the IPDE in research.

Majority of patients had more than one personality disorder. The training is therefore most suitable for experienced psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and those with comparable training who are capable of making independent psychiatric diagnoses or case formulations.

International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) CPD event | University of Manchester

Keeping in view that the basic assessment tool should be culturally applicable and reliable and easily understandable by local people, it was translated into different languages e. This study was conducted at the outpatient department of Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore from April to March The probability of consulting and receiving effective treatment from psychiatric services varies according to demography, degree of disability and diagnosis. Using the IPDE competently assumes training and experience in making psychiatric diagnoses.

This workshop will provide those attending with training in the use of the IPDE. The IPDE has proven to be a user-friendly and clinically meaningful tool for clinicians throughout the international psychiatric community. To test the reliability and applicability of Urdu translation of the International personality disorder examination IPDE in a psychiatric outpatient personxlity in Pakistan.

Find articles by Fatima Bukharie.

ICD has anankastic, anxious and dissocial instead of obsessive compulsive, avoidant and antisocial personality disorders respectively. The mean age of the sample was The ethical clearance was given by Lahore Institute of Research and Development.


Raters report and Phi Correlation Coefficients regarding specific personality disorders. Urdu translation of IPDE is therefore applicable in clinical practice and has sufficient inter-rater reliability. Find articles by Internatioanl Ayub.

The value 0 means agreement just by chance. This study was conducted at outpatient department of Fatima memorial hospital Lahore in a total duration of 11 months from Personailty to March It is evident from the above mentioned results and discussion that the Urdu translation of IPDE is a reliable tool to screen and diagnose personality disorders in population of Pakistan.

The Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was used to test the agreement between raters concerning the number of criteria met. Muhammad Ayub 4 Dr. The results include both a categorical diagnosis of personality disorders in both classification systems and a dimensional score for each personality disorder.

The phi coefficient was used to test categorical diagnosis.

International Personality Disorder Examination

Assessment and diagnosis of personality disorders. IPDE has been used extensively to detect various personality disorders. She is co-author of Risk for Sexual Violence Protocol, a structured professional judgement approach to sexual violence risk assessment and management, and co-author of the recent Department of Health guidelines Best Practice in Managing Risk in Mental Health Services.