Delphine Lettau, Charles Franks, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. IMMENSEE BY THEODOR W. STORM TRANSLATED BY C. W. BELL M. A. Immensee By Theodor Storm. ‘Immensee’ is around forty pages long. So, it is closer to a long short story or a short novella. The story starts with. Theodor Storm (), one of the leading literary Realists of the nineteenth century, achieved world-wide popularity with the novella Immensee in

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Reinhard broke the seal and read, and ere long he came to this paragraph: Before the close of the afternoon Reinhard and some other students were sitting together at an old oak table in the Ratskeller. He promises the girl that he will write to her regularly and will come back soon.

The man made a sign to her with his cane.

Immensee by Theodor Storm

As he came into the entrance hall he heard Eric pacing up and down the garden-room. After a quarter of an hour’s walk the shade to the left of him suddenly came to an end; the road led along a steep slope from which the ancient oaks growing below hardly reared their topmost branches.

Reinhard pulled a little white vellum volume from his pocket. He looked at her doubtingly, for never had she done that before; but now it was as if some strange thing was coming between them.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Sstorm us rest awhile: Unless you are sharp, you’ll have to eat dry bread; that’s the way of the world all over. This form of salutation is especially common in the south of Germany.


Catalog Record: Immensee | Hathi Trust Digital Library

She gave a sudden start: Downstairs in the house every one went to bed, the night-hours passed, but he paid no heed. With a smile he held out his hand to her. The door opened, and a bright glare of light filled the room.

And soon too he saw the lily again floating lonely among the large, gleaming leaves. It follows that the study of foreign languages will assume an ever- increasing importance; indeed, so far as language, literature, ommensee music are concerned, one may safely assert that fas est et ab hoste doceri. I love this story but was never courageous enough to re-read it.

German Literature Month – Book Review – Immensee by Theodor Storm | Vishy’s Blog

It went like this: One could read the story then as a kind of internal exile from the politics of the Danish kingdom but which is making a point about the sense of identity through the choice of High German and not topolect or Danish as the literary language and the hazy but recognisably Southern German setting. In sstorm to have a definite occupation during the holidays, he began to give Elisabeth some instruction in botany, in which he himself had been keenly interested during the early months of his university career.

Immensee was first published in Biernatzki’s Volksbuch in December when the author was well known regionally, but with the revised editionhe became famous all over Germany and then the world.

So, it is closer to a long short story or a short novella. With trembling hand he lit his lamp; and there lay a mighty parcel on the table.


All was calm and still this sunny afternoon; the only sounds to be heard were the hum of the mother’s spinning-wheel in the next room, and now and then the subdued voice of Reinhard, as he named the orders of the families of the plants, and corrected Elisabeth’s awkward pronunciation of the Latin names.

His mind goes back to his younger days. Apr 22, Breslin White rated it it was amazing. Reinhard climbed up into the coach and the horses started.

He climbed the stairs slowly, unlocked a door at the top, and landed in a room of medium size. If you would like to read it online, you can find it here.

What has become of it? The old man now passed through the broad immensre, through an inner hall, wherein against the walls stood huge oaken chests bearing porcelain vases; then through the door opposite he entered a small lobby, from which a stlrm staircase led to the upper rooms at the back of the house. So they came to an open space overgrown with heather where the view extended far over the country-side.

The novella gave us both happy and sad feelings at the same time.