RESPON KELANGSUNGAN HIDUP DAN PERTUMBUHAN LARVA TERHADAP PADAT TEBAR IKAN TAMBAKAN (Hellostoma temmincki. C.V). Download Citation on ResearchGate | Kajian Pertumbuhan Ikan Tembakang Lampung juga memanfaatkan telur ikan tambakan dalam acara adat untuk. KETAHANAN IKAN TAMBAKAN (Helostoma temminkii) TERHADAP BEBERAPA PARAMETER KUALITAS AIR DALAM LINGKUNGAN BUDIDAYA.

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We also demonstrated that EseE interacted directly with EseC in a pulldown assay. Dari pengamatan mikroskopis terlihat adanya ikatan antara tetrasiklin dan kolagen sisik ikan.

The GgVLG sequence showed high similarity to Drosophila vasa, common carp vasa homolog and tilapia vasa homolog for Indirect immunofluorescence tests employing recently generated monoclonal antibodies and PCR assays are currently used in the rapid diagnosis of RSIVD.

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Decalcification is necessary to produce a good histological section on the specimens containing bone. Full Text Available This study evaluated the role of carotenoids in regulate the skin color of Kissing Gourami Helostoma temminckii. In addition, 15 fish species were recorded on tide season which was dominated by baung fish Hemibagrus nemurus and tendon fish Mystus sabanus of family Bagridae. Salah satu produk olahan tersebut adalah pasta ikan. However, the use of antibiotics in the long term can cause negative impacts, among others, feared the occurrence of bacterial resistance in certain antibiotics.

On the same time, ovarian were taken from fish group B. Diseased fishes displayed distinct histopathological signs of iridovirus infection: Jkan itu, sewaktu-waktu secara darurat ikan mengambil hawa dari permukaan air, jika dalam permukaan air terjadi kekurangan hawa Achjar, The first outbreak of megalocytiviral disease was recorded in cultured red sea bream Pagrus major in Japan in and was designated red sea bream iridovirus disease RSIVD.



The methods that used to help the decision-making process that Method Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution TOPSIS as one of the decision models can be used to give preference to farmers fish farming, because the alternative is chosen not only have the shortest distance from a solution positive ideal but also the longest distance from the negative ideal solution. Gonad semakin bertambah berat disertai dengan semakin besarnya ukurannya termasuk garis tengah telurnya.

The objective of the present study was to analyze the morphometric variationsof five predominant fish species caught in Lake Aneuk Laot, Sabang City,Weh Island. Selain fekunditas mutlak dan relatif, beberapa peneliti memberi beberapa macam-macam fekunditas lainnya, yaitu fekunditas dengan panjang, fekunditas dengan berat, fekunditas dengan umur, fekunditas dengan berganda, fekunditas memijah berganda, fekunditas dengan ukuran telur, fekunditas dengan ras, fekunditas dengan populasi Effendie, The fish sample were analyzed for traditional and truss network morphometrics.

For disease control, a formalin-killed vaccine was developed and is now commercially available in Japan for several fish species. Kebanyakan cara ikan mencari makanan dengan menggunakan mata.

Temperature, Brightness, DO derivated oxygen, acidity pH etc. Thus LCD has resulted in an important economic loss in the aquaculture industry.

In adult tissues, the GgVLG transcripts were specifically detected in ovary and testis.

All treated fish, excluded control died after 24 hours infection. Aquaria without larvae were also set for a control of natural fluctuation in food density. Collagen extracted from gouramy fish scales had no influence statistically on cultured fibroblast cells with a statistical significance 2-tailed value of 0. This intervention trial was conducted to determine the effectiveness of various on-farm interventions, including reduction in FZT egg contamination through treatment of infected people and domestic animals, reduction in snail density through mud removal from aquaculture ponds prior to fish stocking, tamba,an various other measures in reducing FZT infection in juvenile striped catfish Pangasianodon hypophthalmus and giant gourami Osphronemus goramy.


Each trial involved four test tanks and four control tanks.

[Freshwater fishes culture]. [Indonesian] [1988]

Budidaya Ikan Nila Secara Intensif. This study aims to examine the toxicity of collagen extracted from gouramy fish scales Oshpronemus gouramy by evaluating its viability against baby hamster kidney fibroblasts Asetokarmin Identifikasi jenis kelamin ikan perlu dilakukan dalam kegiatam budidaya ikan. Since the epithelia of gills and air breathing organs function in two different media, a comparative account for their sensitivity to crude oil solutions would be informative.

To determine the acute effects of chlorpyrifos on their survival and development, we exposedthe embryos and two-day-old larvae to six concentrations 0, 0.

Effects of hypoxia on ionic regulation, glycogen utilization and antioxidative ability in the gills and liver of the aquatic air-breathing fish Trichogaster microlepis. All zoospore-injected fish were shown to be susceptible to the EUS infection except Nile tilapia.