IEEE 1101.2 PDF

in by IEEE Std in order to ensure interoperability and common good practices. Thanks to this standard, conduction cooled boards and chassis. Find the most up-to-date version of IEEE at Engineering (This foreword is not a part of IEEE Std , IEEE Standard for Mechanical Core Specifications for Conduction-Cooled Eurocards.) This document.

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Conduction-Cooled PMC (CCPMC)

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The hatch marks in FIG. Wedgelock device for increased thermal conductivity of a printed wiring assembly. In particular, the frame 1 1101.2 extended with extension 16 to utilize the contact area 40the width of wedgelock 3 can be extended, and the ueee 15 fully utilizes the space under the protrusion 4.

It is contemplated, however, that certain convection-cooled applications would require the use of an extended width wedgelock and thus, it is shown for purposes of illustration.

Wedge lock for use with a single board computer, a 1011.2 board computer, and method of assembling a computer system. The problematic thermal resistances in the module of FIG.

These items are replaced with the adapter of the present invention to increase the surface area contract between the cold wall of the chassis and the strip in contact with card 7 without impacting the Iwee design. The accompanying figures, in which like reference numerals refer to identical or functionally-similar elements throughout the separate views and which are incorporated in and form part of the specification, further illustrate the present invention and, together with the detailed description of the invention, serve to explain the principles of the present invention.

As can be seen from FIG.

The discussion of FIGS. It should be noted that a reduction and simplification in thermal resistances is realized in the embodiment illustrated in FIG. Additionally, for IEEE Conventional cooling methods utilized in off-the-shelf parts include normal convection, forced convection—such as fan cooling, liquid cooling, various forms of heat conductors or sinks, etc.


The embodiments of an invention in which an exclusive property or right is claimed are defined as follows: The adapter allows the COTS circuit card module to fully utilize the surface contact area 40 between the underside of card 7 and the chassis 2 cold wall, and optionally, the contact area between the wedgelock and frame 1 with extension Reviews User-contributed reviews Iieee a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

The reduction of thermal resistances and temperature rises is reflected in a reduced running temperature for component 6. Optionally, the clamping force can be further increased by using a wedgelock 13 that has a friction-reducing finish applied to it and by ueee the wedgelock 13 with washers. The iieee art has iere recognized the utility of additional force at the contact points between module structures and the computer chassis.

The present invention pertains generally to the field of computer card modules and the frames contained within the modules. Ieeee may send this item to up to five recipients. Such a reduction in running temperatures significantly increases the reliability of the circuit card module, particularly when subjected to the environmental temperatures present when the cards are used in military applications.

As mentioned above, none of these references appear to satisfy iede IEEE standards of current interest. EP EPB1 en ieew The embodiment of FIG. For example, if the circuit card modules are integrated first tested in a commercial, convection-cooled chassis in a laboratory environment and then installed into the actual chassis, then an extended width wedgelock would be used.

Purchase More information add to basket. In most cases the mating surface is the wall of the systems enclosure.

Conduction cooled CompactPCI boards ready for insertion

Select the first category of products searched and follow the instructions. The adapter frame of the present invention comprises ieer extended width wedgelock 13an extended width shim 15and an extension 16 to the existing frame 1 so that the circuit card module contacts the cold wall of the conduction-cooled chassis 2.


The module of FIG. A second important result of the alteration or augmentation is iee the frame 11 a restructured frame 1 of FIG. In the convection-cooled configuration, air flow over the card is used to remove component heat.

– IEEE Standard for Mechanical Core Specifications for Conduction-Cooled Eurocards

Preview this item Preview this item. Apparatus and method for mounting a processor circuit board on a system mother board. The first thermal path is through the lower surface of component 6 to the end of circuit card 7 to chassis cold wall 2 via metal strip 5 or shim. In the conduction-cooled configuration, ieee component heat is removed by conduction to the chassis cold wall. In summary, the larger surface contact area between the frame 11 and chassis 2 cold wall as well as the additional clamping force from the larger wedgelock 13 results in overall lower component running temperatures for this embodiment.

As described above, the removal of the protrusion 4 allows for an increase in the width of the contact surface between the frame 1 and chassis 2 by from about 0. This embodiment has a protrusion 14 and thus, is oeee with the IEEE The particular values and configurations discussed above can be varied and are cited merely to illustrate a particular embodiment of the present invention and are not intended to limit the scope of the invention.

A full appreciation of the various aspects of the invention can only be gained by taking the entire specification, claims, drawings, and abstract as a whole. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

Conduction cooling is a method of cooling circuit boards by “conducting” the heat from the circuit card to a mating surface. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Adapter kit for making it possible to use the extended ieew wedge lock in circuit card module.