Iced!: The Illusionary Treatment Option [Gary Reinl, Dr. Kelly Starrett, Gabe Mirkin M.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Topical cooling. For years people have iced their injuries, thinking it helps the healing process. Now Gary Reinl says we were wrong and has the research to. This week we take a moment to review the book “ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option” by author Gary Reinl. Find out what we think of Iced.

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The Illusionary Treatment Option is a great insight into icing and the hidden truths about cold therapy. The world of golf is changing in a big way Posted Teinl 21, 0. The temporary benefit of nerve sedation so that you feel less pain does not outweigh the cost that ice has on the delayed healing process and increased lymphedema. Latest News Hemp Oil for Golfers?

Gary Reinl Foreword by Dr. The Good Solid Argument: You are commenting using your WordPress. He eventually regained functionality in the use of his limb. For the record, I am not a physician.

114: Are you still Icing? with Gary Reinl the “Anti-Iceman”

Hayden Buckley Professional Golfer Reinl also writes in a captivating way which makes it easy for readers to understand his point: The fluid is pushed through the lymphatic vessels by compression, either from an outside force massage, compression sleeves, Graston tools or from intrinsic muscle contraction. Swelling and inflammation are not synonymous.


His influence has reached Olympic athletes, their trainers, and collegiate training rooms. I want to stop that from happening. The answer has been accepted by athletes, non-athletes, and medical professionals everywhere.

Book Review: “Iced” by Gary Reinl

Let the Journey Begin! If refrigerators can increase the shelf-life of meats, then freezers should preserve it for even longer. Backed Up with Research and Studies: There is no hiding the fact that rrinl until this year, I have been an avid user of ice as a treatment option. If I was trying to get over a niggling injury leading into a big sporting event? Topical cooling icing delays recovery from eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage. Again, thank you and please feel welcome to contact me at anytime.

Is your training slowing your swing speed?

John Michael Bric August 19, Hemp Oil for Golfers? If you’re on Twitter, say hello: I hope this site encourages you to take some action so your time on the course is much more enjoyable and productive. If they exist I would love to read them so that I can incorporate ice into clinical treatments effectively. Never before had a re-attachment surgery been performed.

Iced: The Illusionary Treatment Option: A Book Review

A no-ice regimen might just get you back in action faster than you would have otherwise. To use the device, hook yourself up to the electrodes like a regular e-stim unit. Gary has spent nearly forty years in the sports-medicine field, with diverse experiences ranging from training professional athletes, developing rehabilitation ices for injured workers, to pioneering the field of strength-building for women during the pregnancy year.


In fact, Gary argues that if ice was a controlled substance like any pharmacologic drug on the market today, it would not be able to satisfy requirements for FDA approval. Imagine a balloon filled with air. Try Pubmed or other publication databases and see what you can find — I searched and came up short garh finding relevant articles showing the benefits of ice for acute soft-tissue injuries.

San Jose, CA office fax. History of Icing In the late 60s, there was a young boy who somehow managed to sever his arm on a railroad track. However, after reading his book, and doing a bit of my own research, I tend to agree with what Reinl is talking about.

Ultimately, the time it takes for the fluid to clear if the gates are open and there is a backflow of fluid is increased obviously not good. Cooling an acute muscle injury: Ice Delays Recovery From Injuries.

Iced: The Illusionary Treatment Option: A Book Review | DrChrisBakerDC

Lymph vessels work as a negative pressure system. No research, no peer-review. Either way, it provides detailed information about icing, uncovers some of the myths about cold therapy, and gives us some great alternatives to use instead of icing. Leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes.