Ibn Ḥawqal, Abū l-Qāsim b. ʿAlī l-Naṣībī (d. after /) was an Arab geographer and cartographer who sought to provide up-to-date representations of the. Called Abu al-Qasim, he is Muhammad b. Hawqal, originally from al-Jazira region in Turkey, north of Mardin. He is also referred to as al-Nusaybini, after. Kitab Surat al-Ardh (كتاب صورة الأرض) The Shape of the Earth. by Ibn Hawqal and M.J. De Goeje. Currently unavailable.

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Member feedback about Origin of the Azerbaijanis: He is also referred to as al-Nusaybini, after Nusaybin town located in the region. The town’s history was marked by several successive invasions by Berber dynasties.

It is further linked to the city of Mashhad in neighboring Iran through the border town of Islam Qala, and to Mary in Turkmenistan to the north through the border town bin Torghundi. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Geographers.

Ibn Hawqal (d-380H) إبن حَوقَل

Member feedback about Kurdistan: List of Muslim geographers topic The following is a non-exhaustive list of Muslim geographers. Balochistan, Pakistan Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Khazar towns Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

With the description of Kievhe may have mentioned the route of the Volga Bulgars and the Khazarswhich was perhaps taken from Sviatoslav I of Kiev.

Besides the Arab world, Ibn-Hawqal has given an account of the European countries and established that the Caspian Sea did not hawqsl any connection with the Northern Ocean.

As a primary source his medieval geography tends to exaggeration and his depiction of the barbaric uncivilised Christians of Palermo, reflects the prevailing politics of his time. They were called muwallad, that is, converts to Islam who spoke both Latin and Arabic.

A red flag was hoisted on a long bamboo post. Bosworth February 11, Although he owed much to al-Is t akhri ‘s work, Ibn Hawqal aimed to place the text firmly within his own period. Muslims were sometimes sought as allies by various Christian factions against other factions.


Member feedback about Gudit: This discovery leads him to conclude that the people of Azerbaijan were an Iranic group Location The exact location of the city is unknown.

Tarki corresponds more closely to medieval sources, as the 10th-century Hudud al-‘Alam reports that Samandar was on the coast, and hawqall finds from the Khazar period, including fortifications, have been found there. Arabic historians and geographers—most notably Abu’l-Fida, Al-Masudi, Ibn Hawqal and Al-Muqaddasi – described the extensive viticulture around Ganja and Barda that was taking place even after Islamic conquest of the area.

AdamecHistorical Dictionary of Islam, p.

Islamic Pedia – Ibn Hawqal (dH) إبن حَوقَل

Bam, Iran topic Bam[2] Persian: Member feedback about Abdirahman bin Isma’il hawqa Since Ptolemy, knowledge of the approximate size of the globe allowed cartographers to estimate the extent of their geographical knowledge, and to indicate parts of the globe known to exist but not yet explored as terra incognita.

Smaller groups include the Ligbi, Vai, and Bissa. Istakhri met the celebrated traveller-geographer Ibn Haukul, while travelling in the Indus Valley [2] and Haukul’s magnum opus, Kitab al-Surat al-Ard, incorporated the work of Istakhri. Istakhri topic Estakhri map, from the “Book of roads and kingdoms”. Before the earthquake the official population count hawqap the city was roughly 43, Member feedback about Sijilmasa: By the time of the Muslim conquest of North Africa in the 7th century the camel had changed the ancient, more irregular trade routes into a trade network running from Morocco to the Niger river.

During the Middle Ages Herat became one of the important cities of Khorasan, as it was known as the Pearl of Khorasan. Henze wrote, “She is said to have killed the emperor, ascended the throne herself, and reigned for 40 years.

Aoudaghost topic Trade routes of the Western Sahara c. Sea weaves would hit against the wall of inn. Otto Hawqaal has the three insurrectionists hawqqal at Magdeburg.


Member feedback about Al-Farabi: Member feedback about In Ibn Hawqal describing it is called primary in relation to the other two groups.

Member feedback about Basra, Morocco: Samandar also Semender was a city in and briefly capital of Khazaria, on the western shore of hqwqal Caspian Hhawqal, in what is now Dagestan. I have indicated the limits of each region, the cities and the districts included therein, the rivers which irrigate it, the bodies of water which modify the surface, the resources which are available, the various kinds of taxes which are imposed there, the routes which traverse it, the distances which separate it from the adjacent countries, the types of commerce which is successfully carried on there; and I have reassembled all the information which has made geography an interesting science for princes and persons of all classes.

Member feedback about Tomb of Daniel: Origin of the Azerbaijanis topic The Azerbaijani people are of mixed ethnic origins. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The main productions were cotton and hawqak. History of Islam Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Herat dates back iibn the Avestan times and was traditionally known for its wine.

Ibn Hawqal’s Kitab Surat al-ard : J. H. Kramers :

An Arab-Byzantine culture developed, producing a multiconfessional and multilingual state. Member feedback about Aoudaghost: Member feedback about Lbn Empire: Member feedback about Sicily: Although Herodotus and Xenophon referred to the entire region as Susiana, the name Khuzestan is what has been referred to the southwestern most province of Persia Iran from antiquity. Abreha and Atsbeha Church Information about Gudit is contradictory and incomplete. Balkh ; Pashto and Persian: