The Hydracore is one of the most versatile machines for core drilling. It is ideal for drilling N size holes to about feet, but it can also drill H size to . Hydracore News. Stay up to date with the latest Hydracore News. . We are building three Manportable drills, two Hydracore s, and one Gopher top drive. The Hydracore is a light weight (lb/pick) diamond drill that can be used in skid mount and heliportable operations. This rig is designed for modular.

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The Hydracore Underground drill uses many of the same components as the Hydracore surface drill.

Equipos index page title – Maza Drilling Mexico

I guess this new chuck is pretty unimpressive looking on the outside. If you are reading this then you will have noticed that we have a new web site. I think I […]. This chuck is deceptively strong though.

Hydracore 2000

We are building three Manportable drills, two Hydracore s, and one Gopher top drive. Hydfacore chart predicts that the bit torque hydracorf an AO bit would be half what is required for a BO bit.

The Hydracore is the most compact machine of this capacity available. The chart shows that it will take about half as much torque to turn an A size rod uydracore as a B sized one.

Not only is this new chuck strong, but it is also simple and durable. Many of our customers have hydrcore this out by running these machines. Ecuador is a very beautiful country. Stay up to date with the latest Hydracore News. This is the first year where most of the machines we have sold are Hydracore machines with P chucks. Many drills are capable of producing enough torque to break off a string of rods in first gear easily.


Even though these machines are huge compared with other machines in our line up like the […] More. The Hydracore Gopher was the original manportable drill.

The torques and speeds available from the Hydracore drill head are just what is needed for safe high production. In practice this lack of torque does not end up being htdracore at all. I think that our machines are in many ways a more logical solution to drilling problems that most other machines available.

The low speed mode is really equivalent to 2nd gear on other similar sized drills.

The hydraulic powerpack also uses mostly the same components. BC Hydro used it to drill anchor bolt holes for transmission […] More.

We have only built two of these drills before, but we have used many of the components for quite a few years. It is certainly a lot simpler. That is pretty good, but I have seen our Link Chuck holding 33, lbs.

Drills – Hydracore Drills

That is the maximum safe pullback on our Hydracore feedframe. We have had a very busy year here at Hydracore. Things have finally started to pick up around here after a very slow The older mechanical hgdracore often had some really low gear ratios, but some protection was given to the rod string because the engines would not produce much torque when they were hhdracore at the point of stalling.


The new chuck finally removes the hydracorre weak spot on the Hydracore Au Com solid state soft start, with ground fault protection, and 1 KVA transformer. This month we are not very busy so we are building a machine for stock. The Hydracore has the same P size head as the Hydracorehydrxcore the hydracoee frame is larger. It is designed to be quickly broken down into loads no heavier than lbs. The assumption is that the force on the bit would be in proportion to the area of the bit in that way the torque to turn the bit would be effected by the bit area, and the diameter of the bit.

The diameter used to calculate the torque constant is the diameter mid-way between the outside, and inside of the kerf of the bit. On a machine like a Hydracore with a variable displacement motor or many other machines with gear boxes, the only way hydrzcore get this extra torque is to slow the rotation speed down, either by gearing down or increasing the motor displacement.

This chart also lists the bit area, in square inches, which can give you an idea how much harder you have to push on the different sized bits. The Hydracore Underground uses many of the same components as the Hydracore surface drill.