Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Hurlyburly movie on All about Hurlyburly–screenplay [1st draft] by David Rabe. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Hurlyburly by David Rabe; 9 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Drama, Protected DAISY, In library; Times: 20th century.

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It’s a vibrator I carry around with me. Then we would have forgot the whole thing. What do you mean, what did I hudlyburly I want to do something special. What did she say about me?

Certain facts being pointed out is all that’s going hurlybufly here. This was an opportunity In this bimbo you brought by Underneath all the bullshit Phil’s left Susie again. As a form of come-on. You know, I still have things to think through. Yeah, the news is depressing.


I didn’t think you knew. It’s just I have to go slow. She told me in the middle of the fight. I’m a real person.

Guys who are not having any serious relationship. It’s about past lives, Phil. You carry a vibrator around with you?

But you’re not denying that you asked it. You know what I mean? Who is this guy?

Hurlyburly–screenplay [1st draft] by David Rabe | LibraryThing

But like I found huryburly. It’s not worth our friendship. I mean, you, me, us, Mickey? So where are you going? The look on Robbie’s face was priceless.

Hurlyburly | Open Library

Scrit pulled out a broken vibrator on this broad? Unless he is compelled to reveal to the entire world Was it before you whacked her See, that’s what I’m getting at, Eddie. He slowed it down, I bet. So you’re giving her to us? You could hold her in one hand.


You know, we’re friends. I have my feelings. You’re going to show up to work with a radish for a face. Me and Darlene are going to the desert. So what is this, Bolivian health food?


He could choke on his own spit.

Ooh, my world has evaporated. Now you know that, you know that! I’m a really great liar. I carry a vibrator.

Hurlyburly (1998) Movie Script

If there is a central story to be found, it’s Eddie’s drive to fall in love with Darlene Robin Wright Pennwho hurlybhrly this world exciting–or at least intoxicating. I turn it on. No, I have no idea what he’s talking about.