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That did not mean that the people who lived before us were any less clever than we are.

A good engineer picks something in the second category and makes it happen. Could that add pjkboik to enough to pay back the initial generation of hydrogen with some left over? Space is now considered to be fizzy with zero point energy.

Overunity, Free Energy and Perpetual Motion: The Strange Side of YouTube

With one method, Tesla directs the output on to a single metal plate and powers a load between the plate and the earth. That is how science is supposed to work. What else would you have them do?

Overunity energy is the reason I started tinkering in the first place. This makes all talk of overturning them nonsense. I – 21 Moray’s demonstrations were highly unpopular with some people and he was shot at in his car. A car running on a HHO generator will eventually be found on the side of the road with a dead battery.

However, it is possible to change the random nature of this energy and convert it into a source of unlimited, everlasting power which can be used for all of the things we cp mains electricity for today – powering motors, lights, heaters, fans, pumps, Which leads to my 2nd question above.


Patrick Kelly – A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices – AFER Labs

Aerial Systems and Electrostatic Generators Chapter 8: Pikbook it back to YouTube. I agree with you that it is probably impossible but I would not refuse evidence that proved me wrong, facts must always come before theories.

A joule saved is a joule earned right? The Quasi-Turbine was an interesting configuration that I think a few people tinker with. Even if we were not aware of these calculations, the fact that it has been done is quite enough rnergy show that the current engineering theory is out of date and needs to be upgraded.

Sciencemadness Discussion Board – Anybody know of colloidal magnet? – Powered by XMB

The design confuses conventional science because conventional science refuses to accept the concept of energy flow into the motor, from the local environment. To be launch next year to save the world and improve life and reduce poverty.

From my point of view, the content of this documentary seemed to be rather unsatisfactory as it suggested quite a number of very interesting things but gave no real hard and fast specifics for the viewer to follow fred on to investigate the subject further. The Jon Sok An Lenz-less electrical generator patent. The Joule Thief as a Battery Charger.


How to get out of debt: What kind of coke? A modification of this idea is the Ecklin-Brown Generator. This has to be without prior knowledge, no satellites, no astronomical information, no calculators, no computers and no experts to guide you.

It was Mr Wang’s intention to give his motor design to every country in the world and invite them to make it for themselves. The first and biggest pjkblok is: It does not mean that the energy must come from empty space. He cannot produce or sell the device even though he invented it.

Free energy

Universities have to maintain their standing and prestige by constantly publishing research papers. Equipment can be plugged into it enerhy the watt-meter plugged inf the mains. The Robert Tracy permanent magnet motor. Moray’s is one of several excellent and very successful devices which I can’t tell you exactly how to replicate because the details were never revealed and Moray was intimidated into silence but the important point here is that a foot aerial raised just 8-feet from the ground can provide kilowatts of electrical power at any location, if you know how to do it.