HPg Calculator Tutorial. Description: A set of 33 different lessons spanning 73 pages giving a comprehensive introduction to the 50g. This is a first in a series of RPL programming tutorial with the Hewlett Packard HP 50g Graphics Calculator. RPL stands for the Reverse Polish. HP 50g users guide · HP 50g advanced reference HP Calculator Self-Test Functions · HPg Calculator Tutorial by Merv Newton (retired from Thiel College.

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Fred’s page HP 50g Training Modules

If you move from one soft menu to another, pressing previous would bring you to the previous soft menu. Press the multiply key to multiply them together, and you should get this: When a menu is showing this works hp05g almost any soft menuyou can press [RS] [down arrow] to have the calculator list the full name of each of the commands shown in the current soft menu. This will automatically jump to the next row after inputting a row.

It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser. The reason is simple; the 50G is very optimized for speed and ease of programming, but not necessarily user friendliness.

An example of what these would look like is this: You can access other characters as well by first pressing [RS] before the appropriate key. Table of Contents 1.

Go back to the store! Linear systems – Each variable in each equation in the system is raised to a power of exactly one. Note that this is not the tugorial way of performing a calculation unless if there are special circumstances.


If you happen to have a dead calculator and have somebody to mooch a powered USB port off of, you can still use your calculator without straining your batteries. Your calculator is set. Do the same thing for the other 2 equations; enter the equation, then press enter. I’ll go with 1, 1, and 1. Qa Tools October 22, at 6: Instead of functions taking in arguments, as in algebraic mode, calculations are performed by taking a number of elements off of the stack, and then returning values back onto the stack.

An example of what these would look like is this:.

Unlike the TI 89, each key has at least three functions assigned to it, so you get more control without having to dig through traditional full screen menus. Otherwise, leave it unchecked. Press [NXT] if necessary.

Hope that helps, Eddie. Im making my first program on an HP48 emulator. If you can’t solve a system with algebraic substitution or elimination, you need another method; guided guess and check.

Eddie December 29, at 3: Many times, however, the menu is longer than the six boxes displayed. March 28, at 8: You can do a side calculation this is no longer relevant on the TI-Nspire without having to stop mid-input You see the intermediate results, and potentially notice if something goes wrong relatively quickly. You get a list of every single h;50g there: A, B, C, etc.


Tutorkal, since there are 3 equations, enter the number 3: Every time that you press a key, a high pitched noise will be given as feedback, which may come useful presumably if you are wearing gloves while using your calculator. Note that certain features, especially the STAT menu, are only available as choose boxes.

After a while, you should see the solutions: Unfortunately, I don’t think there is hp50v keyboard shortcut for the left arrow. This guide, a Calcblog guest post by ime Matthew Linguides you through the basic setup of your calculator and learning to use RPN reverse Polish notation.

Getting Started with the HP 50g

The closer the lower number is to zero, the better the current solution. I say “guided” guess and check because the calculator at least knows how far off each guess is hl50g roughly how far to adjust the guesses to get closer to the solution. Once you remove an element from the stack, all of the elements above it will drop down one, and once you insert an element into gutorial stack, all the elements above it will pop up by one.

Now comes the part that most people screw up on. Switching to RPN mode, and settings 4. Hi, In section 5.