“And I absolutely adore Hollowpoint. I have been playing RPGs for a little over 10 years now, so many different systems, different genres, etc. I’ve never played a. Hollowpoint, by VSCA, “is a role-playing game that uses a novel engine to generate fast on-the-fly violent action at the drop of a hat, brought to. The RPG of superior agents carrying out missions by any means necessary. INTRODUCTION. Hollowpoint is a complete and mechanically.

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I have a couple of other thoughts I didn’t put in the review Expeditions to other Covenants or dealing with the affairs of the “mundane” world could also be handled in this way. The Missions chapter provides a lot of solid advice — about how to maintain dpg, construct hooks, and create memorable moments. On the flip side, I think the Hollowpoint engine might be tweaked for hoklowpoint purposes, but not ones that are far removed from the original.

Burning an abstraction means a flashback, narrative interlude, or the like. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Third, the Era describes both the time period and the flavor of the setting. A rejected player may then take as many dice as they wish from the teamwork pool.

They also run a brisk mail order business. Hollowpoint offers some advice for handling that story telling and strategies for working those dice. Staving off a Turkish invasion, anyone?


This makes that mission personal for the character.

G2P – Hollowpoint

They know how to get things done and they have no compunctions. Jeremy Friesen’t wonderful review at his blog, Take On Rules. The target of the action must remove a die from one of those sets. The game suggests that while players could take individual scenes, the intent of play is to have have the group present and active in each hollowpoitn.

The chick we need to assassinate is my girlfriend.

Age of Ravens: Hollowpoint: Review & Some Thoughts

Notably, players may bid for dice from the teamwork pool — five dice in a bowl for each player. But in order to succeed, they have to work together. Want to carry Hollowpoint in your store? Setting up a campaign is easy. That kind of simplicity and clarity makes Hollowpoint outstanding for a pick up game. Players can come back as Operatives or Handlers instead of base Agents.

How long can characters work together under extreme circumstances as a team? All names, references, and pictures presented in this article are Copyright to VSCA Publishing, all rights reserved by their respective owners. As the mission presses on, the GM adds more dice for each succeeding conflict. If a target has no sets left, they take an effect based on the skill type.


hollowpoinr These should holoowpoint NPCs connected with them, some as Principals, others not. The authors use their words precisely. Hollowpoint could easily emulate battles between werewolves and vampires. Calling for help makes you look weak and small, and no Agent wants to help a whiner. Hollowpoint takes another approach — abstractly modeling player actions through dice and narration.

Bad people doing bad things for bad reasons. Players can take all kinds of first stage hits, but once they take another hit from the same skill they go to second stage Babbling, Outclasse d, etc. Those may or may not be known to the players at the beginning.

Tabletop Review: Hollowpoint

If you buy the hard copy, send us proof a picture! If a Principal is involved, the GM adds even more dice and splits that pool before rolling. Agents also begin the game with five traits, the real soul of the character play experience. If you were to do a series of these, those rivals could change from session to session. These are iconic characters — unchanging and unaffected except at the end. holloepoint