Previous edition copyrighted , , , , by the C.V. Mosby Co. Cleckley, Hervey Milton, The Mask of Sanity. ISBN . The term psychopath has been kicking around since the nineteenth-century, but was popularized by psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley in his classic The Mask of . The mask of sanity; an attempt to reinterpret the so-called psychopathic personality. Citation. Cleckley, H. (). The mask of sanity; an attempt to reinterpret the.

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Laura — oh yes, not intentionally tuned in but in hsrvey I heard some discussion of a caller which led me to lissten I just remembered this book from way back. I read the whole thing just for fun, but it turned out to be more educational than fun.

Here’s one of the first formal studies of psychopathy, under that name.

[Psychopathy: from “The Mask of Sanity” to social neurosciences].

I don’t think this book is in print, but you might find the PDF online. I am not a psychiatrist, and therefore am probably wrong, but I am disappointed with this book. Criticisms include that his work was scientifically limited, biased by social value judgments, that there has been a failure to distinguish the hypothesized emotional deficit from that associated with other disorders and to evidence its hypothesized semantic nature or neurological basis, or to put it in the context of any theory of motivation.

Jan 07, Ben Heller rated it it was amazing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

They know the difference between right and wrong, legal and illegal, ethical and unethical. Harea psychologist working in criminology, developed an influential Psychopathy Checklist based on the psychopath construct developed by Cleckley. Unlike the first edition it states: Sometimes they feel strong fears that they may carry out acts which they dread and which would indeed be tragic or criminal, but they recognize the nature of these acts and do not carry them out.

To quote Cleckley if I recall correctly”He took on the oral role. We can all of us only ever pray to be spared dealing with a real life psychopath, but for anyone who has the painful experience of it, this book brings with it much clarity on the nature of the human disaster, even though it regrettably offers little in te way of solutions. He suggests this is a somewhat separate additional pathology but does not explain why or how.


BUT, it’s also a timeless masterpiece and one of the first comprehensive works on what the author refers to as “psychopathic personality” tbe “semantic disorder. Jan 18, Dottie rated it really liked it Shelves: The C,eckley of Sanity by Hervey M. They lie on a whim, steal paltry sums of money, drink to excess, pursue frequent sexual encounters without affection and generally have no comprehension that their actions are harmful or troubling to those around them.

The Mask of Sanity by Hervey M. Cleckley

He believes psychopaths would have been included in the 19th century concepts of ‘mania without insanity’ by Philippe Pinel and Prichard’s moral insanitybut rejects their faculty basis. The modern theory is the brain is underdeveloped and thus psychopaths will never be able to be cured. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Lacking long-term goals However, paradoxically, he then states that psychopathy can be associated with particular sadistic drives and often be responsible for the most serious sex crimes.

The basic elements of psychopathy outlined by Cleckley are still relevant today. The psychopath does not suffer from any obvious mental disorder but in the end seems to deliberately court failure and disaster for no obvious reason and despite intelligence, in what Cleckley calls a social and spiritual suicide. Indeed, some attempts at treatment have backfired and resulted in even more crime being committed by subjects. There has been continued disagreement about the extent to which Cleckley’s concept of psychopathy is antisocial or criminal.

He notes the confusingly broad literal meaning and practical usage of the terms psychopathic personality or personality disorder, giving the example of the most authoritative textbook of the second quarter of the century, Psychopathic Personalities by German psychiatrist Eugen Kahn.

Oct 09, Soni rated it really liked it. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? First written ina seminal work on psycopaths.


But how to handle these people? Perhaps fortuitously I picked the toughest book I needed to read for this research. I bet it was jarring. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this book is in its latter portions, where Mr. Later two items were removed from the checklist in order to more clearly represent the structure of a two- factor analysis. He died inand the last edition of this book came out in Cleckleyfirst published indescribing Cleckley’s clinical interviews with patients in a locked institution.

He rails against the counterculture antihero and gives as an example the novelist Alan Harrington [8] for suggesting a socially necessary role for psychopathy in modern times, calling the idea “perverse and degenerate”. Today, cognitive and social neurosciences constitute one of the cpeckley promising way to study psychopathy. That’s just what I think. Can be a little dry and it’s definitely out dated. Okay maybe that chapter is worth reading but in general this is not recommended to the general public, who should instead read Hare’s Without Conscience: Somewhat paradoxically, Cleckley regarded the DSM category as equivalent to his concept of psychopathy, [4] while Hare considers his concept, which was based on Cleckley’s, to be different from the Masm since the third version and to be more similar to the ICD’s continuing category of ” Dissocial Personality Disorder “.

Want to Read saving…. It’s hard to find, and you have to slog through parts, but it is worth it.

The Mask of Sanity Mosby medical library Paperback. They are often just your average criminal and their crimes are non-violent but can cause many problems to the people around them without thought of the consequences.